Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Transitions occur all around us without us even really noticing. Here I find myself transitioning out of my apartment and out of Los Angeles into my parents' house and to Northern California. I transition from knitting project to knitting project (more on that later!). There is also the transition from life to death happening practically every minute. This morning I learned that Senator Edward Kennedy, (yet another icon) has passed on. He fought a long battle with brain cancer. His fight has given me a bit of hope as there is someone near and dear to me also fighting this same battle. I have some renewed hope that this someone will get to be around for a lil while longer.. I took a sort of break from the heavy duty packing yesterday. I packed and filled a few boxes, gathered up the laundry oh and I took apart my bedframe! I think tomorrow we're going to attempt to transfer some of the boxes into the garage and stack them in an orderly fashion so we just throw them into the truck right from the garage rather than having to walk them downstairs and THEN load them. I got to knit last night! And do you know what I picked up? I present to you the back of my sesame! I have to tell you that I was a bit hesitant to pick it back up because the last time I worked with patons merino wool, my fingers didn't like it too much! But now for some reason, they liked it fine. I started the left front but haven't gotten very far. It's kind of nice working on a sweater in pieces (I say this now). I like that I'm not working on 100+ stitches at once but I also do like the ease of top-down raglans where everything is done in one piece. This sesame might be a quick finish. We'll just have to see! Before I picked up my sesame, I worked on my ribbed lace bolero too. It's slow goings. I'm about an inch away from getting to the ribbing and then I'll be finished! Here's my vintage rose socks..bad picture though!Oh and while I was blocking something blue on Sunday, I took a pic of it during its bath.Remember the three sections of the living room I marked off? Here's a visual:
The heavy stuff
The lighter stuff
Some of the things that will go into my car
There are still a few boxes in the bedrooms and there's all my teaching stuff down in the garage still. :P Anyone wanna trade places??


  1. ug, I hate moving!:)
    Still praying for you...always!

  2. Glad you are making progress! Procrastination and moving do not go well together!!
    Then the worst part is cleaning it when it's empty - my advice is to pay someone!

  3. I also hate moving. You should have waited until you're 8 months pregnant like I did. That was the easiest move I ever made :-)

  4. Oh no, I would like to have a newer, larger house, but I do NOT want to move! I don't envy you a bit ;)

  5. I would love to move right now, to a bigger place! But we haven't been able to find one we can afford...sigh..

    Love your socks. They are kind of Christmasy!

  6. Moving is sooo much work! Good luck!

    All your knitting looks wonderful! Good to knit when you can, I know it calms me right down when I get nervous and edgy.

    Lots of good luck :)

  7. Looks like the packing is coming along great. Are you completely out of your apartment now?

    The knitting projects are rockin'. That's awesome you got in some knitting time. I barely have been seeing knitting time these days with both boys home sick. (I'm getting cabin fever if you ask me).

  8. Moving is so miserable - I hope its going well, and that you are settled in soon.

    Very nice knitting projects - hopefully they are giving you a little relaxation!


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