Monday, October 12, 2009

long beach marathon 2009

This is a really cool sand sculpture someone did for the marathon.It was a bit difficult searching for our parking but we finally did and got to the marathon at about quarter til 11am. TONS of people filled the streets! Many people had finished the half-marathon, the kids run, the bike portion, etc. We hung out around mile 26 which was located: There was a camera man blocking the sign below but he decided to pack up and go. I thought that was uncool because my sister hadn't passed him yet! :P Here she comes! My mom waited probably between the mile 25 and mile 26 marker for her and she actually was running/jogging alongside my sister. :) Here she is running by me! And here is the finish line! Here's my sister wearing her newly earned medal! She's waiting for her friend to finish. The final shot I leave you with is the lagoon we walked around to get to the restaurants!We were all unbelievably exhausted! Back home we go tomorrow..and apparently it's going to be pouring. :P


  1. How awesome! Love that sand sculpture, wow! Tell sister congratulations....and a medal too, awesome job and hugs!

  2. congrats to your sister... awesome sand sculptures!


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