Wednesday, June 23, 2010

back in the saddle again!

This is a rarity, two posts from me on two consecutive days! :) I stayed up late last night to figure out my clothilde and guess what?? I finally found the row that had the original error (main reason why I had to rip back SO many times!). I am now one row away from completing the transition rows and shall be all finished in about 10 rows! I just updated my stash in ravelry too. I didn't realize that I had been forgetting to do that. This is my first shipment of Sock Yarnista (how I have MISSED that club!!), Lysander in Adorn Sock.
And this is my third installment of the Dye Dreams Four Seasons Sock Club, Estuary in Twinkle Toes.
I also answered a couple of letters last night and I intend on answering a few more today. I just might have to type a few of them too. I'm that behind. :P
Now that I've got clothilde figured out, I'm starting to feel like a knitter again. I think once I've cast off clothilde, I'll get back to work on those socks for the hubby and maybe just maybe, I'll even try to finish up my cozy cardi! Ugh..I will also try to update with finished shots of citron, dame damson, and eventually a shot of purple haze in her entirety!


  1. Ooooh,jealous! Love both the colours and I am not much of a blue fan. The green, however, is right up my colourway!

  2. Cant wait to see your Clothide!

    Gorgeous yarn stash enhancement.

    Thanks for the reminder - I need to write some letters by hand too!


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