Sunday, November 27, 2011

the knits

Before the move, I had cast on for a handmade kitchen towel. It is still a wip. I think I am nearly halfway finished though.
It is the moss grid towel from Mason-Dixon knitting.
Let's see, I worked on a shawl while I was in Long Beach. I didn't finish it until this month though.
It is the Forest Ridge Lace Shawl. It's currently blocking so this is a pre-block shot.
The next finished item was the sock yarn baby sweater.
I also just finished a tattered shawl the other night. No pics yet. Especially since I totally screwed it up. I have way more dropped stitches than I was supposed to. Oh well.
I've got to get cracking in the shawl dept. Here I thought I was up to 10 shawls. HA. Boy was I ever wrong. I am only up to 9 shawls so I am 2 shawls shy of completing 11 shawls this year..and I only have ONE more month!! Must. Get. Crackin'. As if I'm not already behind on a bazillion other things!


  1. Awesome! Love everything--I have completed exactly one neckwarmer and that's it. Sad, I know. lol

  2. Both really cute! I just finished a baby sweater for my neighbor - but using worsted! Still took me a while, tho. I love the sock yarn!

  3. Cool towel! What size will it be in the end?

    Love the baby sweater!! Who is it for? So cute!

    I can't wait to see if you made all your shawls in 2011! Can't wait to see the pic of the one you didn't post in this post. Love the one you did post!


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