Monday, November 28, 2011

recipes galore!

The blog posts that are waiting to be 'read' in my google reader aren't all actual posts. Some are recipes, some are crafts, and a bunch are teachery posts (my latest addiction). I've gotta tell you, those teachers that blog about their classroom and the activities they do with their students are awesome. They even create FREE stuff. I love them. :)
Anyway, I wanted to share some recipes that were in my reader for today (that way I don't add to my ever growing queue!). Here's one for latin beef stew (which is kinda weird because the hubs wanted to make a stew last night and whipped up his own version of one. This one sounds pretty tasty. Maybe next time. This next one just seemed really cute. Who can turn down a snowman cupcake??
My sister and I always make a batch of cookies for Christmas. Though she has been venturing into the bar territory for a while now. In any case for you holiday cookie bakers, I saw this and this. I've become a fan of fudge-like cookies in the last couple of years (they're so moist!). And brown butter? I've only used this for ravioli, never baked with it. Oh, and we are fans of toffee in cookies. I used to bake a toffee chocolate chip cookie. We don't have any 'regulars' that we make each year. It's always something different. Though there is always some variation of a chocolate chip/oatmeal (how can you not?).
As an added bonus, here is something non-food related but so frickin' adorable!! They are going to look so cute on a tree! Enjoy.
As an aside, we have been asked if we would be interested in dog sitting again. This time for TEN days. (I must be crazy, right?) My eyes bugged out! My boss said we could possibly split up the time (with someone else) which made it sound more doable.  So we agreed to committing to the Christmas Eve through the 29th. My sister will be in town so she can spend a night over there too.

P.S. I couldn't resist. We had some leftover bananas and I am not a fan of squishy bananas. In fact, I specifically seek out the bananas that are still a little green because I like them firm. Well, the hubs wanted to make some banana bread. He already made some of the BEST ever zucchini bread over the weekend for a work holiday party and tonight, he made the perfect banana bread ever. :) Enjoy! The crust itself is awesome. Excuse the bad macbook pic! I was going for efficiency.


  1. Best part of the banana bread is the crust! My husband can't stand mushy bananas. I stop buying them in the summer because they ripen too fast

  2. Mmmmmm! Banana bread! I need to make some!

    Do you get compensation for dog sitting I hope?


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