Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SIX more days of school!!

And I am still doing assessments. I'm insanely crazy. Tomorrow is the first day of an annual three day event at my school called Boxland. It is a land made of boxes! The children create businesses (which must receive approval from the city council before they can even begin to play for Boxland).  There's a city council and there's a police force. Oh and there's a dept. of treasury, a sanitation dept, and an environmental impact dept. There's of course a mayor. Each student receives money from the Dept of Treasury ($50) and they earn money from the various councils/depts. they are a part of. They also earn money from the businesses they work for. This is going to be an interesting experience! This year, I helped with the police dept. and the dept of treasury. Here's two of our 20s for this year:
The color got washed out. Our 20s are lavender. Each denomination is a different color (much like monopoly money). I have devoted a few math lessons to counting dollars to (ideally!) ensure that my Kinders don't get ripped off. I just hope they don't spend all their money the first hour. Here's what's amazing to me, there are restaurants at Boxland and we get to use FAKE money to eat REAL food!!!!!! I can't wait. There will be tacos. There will be tamales. There will be smoothies. There will be lots and lots of other JUNK. What's not good, is the junk fest begins at 9AM until 11AM. lol. Not exactly the best time of day to be eating junk. Oh well..the joys of being a kid. :)
Aside from knitting, I have been working on one non-knitting project that I can't show you yet. On the knitting front, here's what has been keeping me up at night (literally!)

This sucker had been kicking my butt during the first 20 some rows. Now we're square and we're no longer frenemies. My goal is to get to under 200 stitches today. I am at about 219 as of last night.
The last couple of days I have been catching up with some old friends. I had loads to update them on and vice versa. For example, my sorely missed friend in LA has just bought a house! Every time we talk, she throws in how the hubs and I should really consider moving back. I keep telling her when the air quality improves (fat chance). My other friend who I talked to on Sunday was advising me on the rules of smudging.
The End of the Year picnic is next Wednesday. I have to figure out what I'm going to be required to bring. We did the whole if your last names is from A-blank bring blah blah blah. I keep forgetting that my last name begins with M now.
I shall be back tomorrow (I hope!) with some Boxland photos!


  1. Boxland sounds awesome! My girls would just love something like that, what a great idea. I hope you have lots of fun :)

  2. Boxland - what a fun idea. So many learning opportunities. Can't wait for the pictures.

  3. That sounds like a fun project for the kiddos! You guys sound like you have a fab school :) Your knitting project looks beautiful, but I know how it is to feel like you are working so hard and look and see that you only have a few inches done, lol

  4. Boxland sounds super cool...can't wait to hear all about it :)

  5. Your money is like monopoly money - or Canadian dollars! Ha ha! Our money is different colored as well. Purple is 10$. (Green 20$, blue is 5$, red is 50$ brown is 100$) We used to have 2$ bills but not anymore, we have coins for 1 and 2 now.

    Great start to the shawl!

    You must be excited you're done school now?


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