Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It was sooooooooooo much fun and I ate way too much junk. The hubs opened up his own business! He goes to the businesses to see if they need help with figuring out their taxes and wages for their employees. It was cute. The first business that hired him, had to get a fast lesson on how much to pay their employees. I overheard most of it. The bosses wanted to give their employees a 20% share of the profits (there were 2 employees) while the two bosses kept 30% each. The hubs and I talked them out of this. lol. I told them that an employee only gets paid for however long they worked so they needed to decide how much to pay their employees for each shift that was worked. Apparently, this was not explained to the children. They didn't even make sure the younger ones got a break! I had to help some of mine find their bosses too. A couple of them hadn't been hired by anyone so I told them they needed to go to each business and ask them if they were hiring. Okay, so here's what I saw outdoors:
 This shop was selling cookies and cupcakes. If you purchased a cupcake, you got to decorate it however you wanted.
 This store was selling clothing that the girls no longer wore and their prices were amazing. The dresses were super adorable too. I so wished that I could've fit into one of them!
 One of the indoor food stands. I just liked it. Most of the pics are taken before Boxland even got under way. (hence the empty stands!)
Not quite sure what this business was selling. As I said, most of these shots were taken right before Boxland officially began. Plus I didn't want to take pics with the kids' faces.
This is Hollywood Blvd-minus the Hollywood sign.
 This was my FAVORITE shop! It was the one and only place where I made a tangible purchase.

And now for some inside shots:
I liked this booth. That's why I took a picture. Though again, this was taken before things got under way.
 Popcorn, dippin' dots and something else, I can't remember what.
 Here's where the businesses got to store their items (for a fee).
And here's where they had to store the food (also for a fee!).
 My one and only purchase (that wasn't eaten!).
Most of my money was spent on edible items ranging from chocolate covered strawberries to tacos. The kids had a great time. A few of them are completely broke. They spent most of their money on toys. I told them to try not spend all their money so that they would have some for tomorrow (obviously they didn't listen). Hope they don't think that I'm going to be giving them any. One of mine even said that I'll just give her more money for tomorrow. I laughed when I heard that one. I told the student who overheard this that I can't wait for that girl to ask me for money so I can laugh in her face. Me, mean? Definitely. More tomorrow!


  1. What a neat idea! And a darn good way of showing young kids how to spend and save money wisely ;)

  2. I would have blown all my money too. Tacos! Yum! I like the pet rock too.

  3. Very very cute and educational. They will remember that for a long tine.

  4. Such a cute idea and must have been so much fun for the kids. You must have been saving up big boxes for quite some time!

  5. what a great activity! and wonderful pictures as well. you definitely capture the moment. :)

  6. That looks like a lot of fun! What a great idea to do this with the kids. Even though I can't see their faces, looks like they had a great time!

    Hubs was there too?


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