Thursday, January 3, 2008

it's not friday? why does it feel like it is then?

I have to tell you, I miss being able to have the energy to post on an almost daily basis! It'll be back to work come Monday. It's been nice to just sit at home and catch up online. There's been some knitting but just as much as I'd knit if I were working during the day. A good friend of mine (who is celebrating her bday today) is expecting her third son in March. I didn't learn to knit until she was pregnant with her second son. I wanted to make her something amazing but obviously I haven't cast on for anything amazing for a baby. So, I've decided to knit up some bibs, a couple of Mason-Dixon washcloths, a Sheldon and possibly a pair of socks. We'll see. It took me an hour to pick out what colors I'd use for the bibs and the washcloths! The yarn has been ordered for Sheldon. I hope I have enough time to finish everything I plan to make for her.
I also have been itching to cast on for a pair of endpaper mitts. For at least two days, I've been going through the stash trying to see what two colors would go well together. I've settled on these two colors:
Hopefully I've made the right choice. But since I had to order some yarn for sheldon, I ordered a few colors to choose from for future pairs of some endpaper mitts. ;) I also need to make a hat for my fiance's dad because he likes my fiance's new hat (which I have yet to get a shot of because he wears it when he goes to work and leaves it in his car!
Did you know Sundara updated her shop today? It's specifically sock yarn but still. I was tempted but held off. (thank goodness!)
My crockpot recipe contest will close tomorrow at noon. That way, I can announce the winners on Saturday or Sunday and get all the goodies out in the mail come Monday. :) I will be drawing names for those items that were selected by more than one person.
Okay, better get back to my regularly scheduled knitting!


  1. This week has been feels like it should be the weekend! I think the yarn you picked for the endpaper mitts will be really pretty. Can't wait to see them.

  2. I'm also itching to cast on Endpaper Mitts! As soon as I finish a few WIPs first! I can't wait to hear the winners of the contest! Today did feel like Friday, I know what you mean!

  3. I love endpaper mitts. Can't wait to see your color choices.

  4. Wow, you've had a nice long vacation :) T & J went back to school last Wednesday, not happily I must add.
    Watching and waiting for your progress with the endpaper mitts. Can't wait :)

    have a nice weekend :)


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