Friday, December 5, 2008


I don't know why it is every time I go away and come back it becomes more difficult for me to get back into the swing of things. We ended up staying an extra day (which was probably a good idea since my dad went into the ER again!) Mom thought it was all in his head but it ended up being that he was having an allergic reaction to one of his meds. They kept him through early Monday morning due to his sodium levels being too low. We got back Sunday night after a 7 hour drive home (it's usually only 5!). We left late in the day and we paid for it in spades. Oh well. My sister left even later than we did so who knows how long it took her! There was knitting and there were silly times with my niece as well. Here's my evening shrug so far. I had already finished the first sleeve before leaving for Thanksgiving and started the second sleeve while at my parents' house.Finally a pic of what I've got so far for my sesame. I'm finally ready for some arm shaping for the back! And the new project I started while at my parents' is Robyn's Mathematical Equation socks. :)
Still fast asleep.
Take me back to bed!! Hmm...what's this? When my niece found the yarn in my bag, she said, "Good night" and did this: Ooh, fingering weight. I like what to make? Look at me, under the kitchen table (on Thanksgiving day) being goofy!Genius at work.
I'm finding it harder and harder to take as many pics as I'm used to of my niece when we're up there visiting! I'm spending more time just with the girl since she's so much more social now. What a crack up! We'll be seeing her again in about two weeks and then we won't see her again until I go on spring break! We got our tree today! :) We haven't had a tree in a while but it was my Christmas request this year. No picture of her yet. Maybe once she's semi-decorated. :)


  1. Your niece is adorable! Love the snuggling yarn pic! She's beautiful!

    Great job on all your projects!

    I'll keep your Dad in my prayers!


  2. i'm sorry to hear that your dad is still having health problems!

    good luck on all your projects! : )

  3. i love the socks! and your neice is growing up so fast!

  4. oh and praying for your dad to have a healthy December holiday


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