Monday, December 22, 2008


We're leaving for a few days tomorrow so things will probably remain a bit quiet while I'm on my Winter Break from school. We're doing a few days with the folks but we'll be back to ring in the new year here in LA (as well as celebrate my fiance's birthday!). Mail has been slow. Real slow. I've been waiting on a trade since the early part of last week and I'm also waiting on my November Ultimate Sock Club kit from Robyn to get here (amongst a few other things!). I don't know why packages typically get to me while I'm away. This morning my final Woolgirl Sock Club kit arrived. :)This was a great finale to the end of the 2008 sock club especially since I love hazelknits yarn. :) And the calendar! I've never seen a Thomas Joseph calendar before and now I'm sold. :) It's been cold..cold even for here! School is finally over. That last week was definitely the longest ever. Who knew that could be possible!
As for knitting, after admitting that I was in a slump, I slowly found my way out of it. :)This is progress on my shrug...I'd like to finish it very soon but I just might not get around to finishing it until I'm away!
One finished man sock.
And the early beginnings of the second half of the man sock pair!
One finished athena sock.
And the early beginnings of a second athena sock.
What I didn't take a picture of yet is the pile of yarn that is in the living room that have all been earmarked for projects that I intend to start (and ideally complete!) while I'm at my parents. I've been commissioned to whip up some mittens, a hat, and a pair of gloves (all for my freezing fiance!). I could probably get the hat and mittens done while we're there but I don't know yet about those gloves.
Oh, and as promised, here are two pic of two of the ornaments I made this year..a mini-sock
and a pair of baby mitts
It's insane to knit these things any smaller than baby size!! I started a snowflake but have yet to get around to doing the crochet edging. This will probably be my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with your families!


  1. So glad to have you post and make comments on my blog...I was starting to worry about you! Have a wonderful time with your parents!

    I love the Woolgirl !kit too...I've never worked with Hazel knits so very excited!

    hugs to you and have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Now I can't wait to get my last Woolgirl kit - hasn't shown up yet in Canada. I love Hazel's yarns.

    What else does it come with besides the calendar?

    Love the sock progress on both the Man socks and Athena. I love that you're knitting my pattern for Joey!


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