Monday, December 22, 2008

stuff part 2

Remember how I said I was waiting on packages to get here?? Well, right after I clicked publish post, I went outside to check the mail and our teeny mail slot was jam-packed with three of the items I was waiting on. One of them I didn't expect so soon! :) This is Birds of Paradise, an installment of the sundara petals collection. Thanks Thuy! And this is Sugar Plum, Sundara Seasons (Spring). Thanks Leah! :) Not sure this picture does the yarn justice. :( It is sundara! The unexpected package, was my first PDY Dead Poets Society Club shipment! :)I'm not sure the photo did the yarn justice since the lighting is horrible in my living room! This is Langston Hughes and he came with a cute pendant and some candy. :) Now if only my Robyn's Nest kit would get here!


  1. Great stuff!

    I'm sure your Ultimate kit will get there soon! (Friggin' Canada Post is on strike!)

  2. Lovely! The first one reminds me of rainbow sherbet. Yum!


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