Saturday, January 3, 2009

home and happy 2009!

Christmas was spent with this little monkey.All the presents are already gone from under the tree because my sister, fiance, and I already went through all of our gifts before my brother and his family got up! Movies were enjoyed. And there was some spooning going on. The fascination with yarn and needles continues for this lil one.We made another trip to the ER (this time the lil munchkin had to come along for the ride). The one thing to hold her attention the longest was my knitter's survival kit! She was allowed use of the pencil, the post-its (which she called stickers), and a notebook. She got her hands on some split ring stitch markers but what she really truly wanted was the coveted tape measure. The trip to the ER was yet another allergic reaction to some new meds that my dad just began to take the night before our visit to the ER. Both my mother and I came home knowing we had caught something from having been in the ER practically all day! And the love of this yarn/sock continued on as well. She kept playing with the yarn whenever she got a chance! I let her try this one on.I finally finished them and have some yarn left so I'm trying to figure out what to make for her with the leftovers but they make her such a girly girl that charcoal gray isn't in her wardrobe! Projects were completed. And lots of yarn arrived while I was away! I didn't take a group shot and I don't want to post them individually because then this will be an even longer blog than I had intended! I can tell you that I received my November Ultimate Sock Club kit from Robyn's Nest and I received the December installment to Sock Yarnista and Stash Menagerie from Three Irish Girls. This is what New Year's Eve day looked like where I was! New Year's Eve was quiet. We made dinner and just watched tv. We watched 'Dan in Real Life' which I really enjoyed and I made my fiance watch it and he liked it too! I completed my first finished object of the year yesterday. It's a utopia hat. My second one. I've started work on a pair of basic mittens too. My fiance has been in need of a new hat and a pair of mittens since he's wearing his hats and his fingerless mitts down to the bone!


  1. Gorgeous projects! Can't wait to see all of your new yarn!

  2. Your niece is just tooooooo cute, just a little doll! Love all your projects! Sorry to hear about your dad....I'm allergic to sooooo many medicines too...not counting all my food allergies and normal allergies. Its so hard, hope he finds one he can handle.

  3. Love the finished Mathematical Equation! YOU ROCK GIRL!

    Did you like my pattern?

    Looks like you had a great Xmas!

    Love the green shade of the hat! I have some Malabrigo in stock in that color, and I'm eyeing it.

    Happy New Year!

  4. sounds like you had a good Christmas (minus the trip to the ER!! i hope your dad is ok now!). i really like the shrug and your hat is great, too. : ) munchkin is sure getting bigger... crazy how fast they grow, isn't it?

  5. did you make the hat longer? I made it for my Brother last year and it just fit. (unless he has a big head)
    your niece is getting so big!


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