Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Spread the Word

I've been gone a while, I know. Upon completing my cowl (still no decent pics up!) I came to notice that my finger joint on my middle finger was numb! (possibly from the super speed knitting I was doing in trying to complete my cowl! So I didn't knit for about a week. I picked the needles back up again (reluctantly!) over the weekend and cast on for rivolo. :) No pics up yet that are decent enough though. Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is because of a worthy cause. I have recently befriended matahari000 and she filled me on the story of Dylan. Please click on the link to read as it is not my story to tell. Not only is it a huge, gigantic contest to win some yummy yarn, but it's also a chance for us all to give to a good cause and to show Dylan and the rest of his family that there are many, many caring people out in the world. According to PeaceSoup, "If you donate, and then post a link on your blog or website, you will get an extra entry!" So let's spread the word and try to raise as much money as we knitters can before February 7th!


  1. Sorry about your finger, I hope it turns out rest was all it needed.

    Thanks for sharing this story of Dylan, I hadn't seen it yet. Off to read!

  2. That is so not good to hear about your finger...sure hope it feels better real soon :)

  3. I hope your finger feels better soon so you can get back to knitting!

  4. Just donated and blogged. Hope your finger gets better soon. Take care...
    Glad you posted was starting to worry about you!:) hugs


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