Monday, January 26, 2009

looky loo!

Well, my finger is doing a bit better--I started wearing my copper bracelet again and it has been helping. It has also helped to lay off (just a tad!) on the knitting. Although I oughta give myself a longer break but that is so not going to happen! My blackberry cowl is waiting to have buttons sewn on and then I can get a finished pic of it. Here's what my rivolo looks like so far: This is the "close-up" (I know, the pics are essentially the same!). I've surpassed the required 30 repeats. It isn't long enough for me so I'm going to try to get to 40 repeats though I'd like for it to be done already! I'm using some malabrigo sock yarn in rayon vert. I'm hoping to finish it at least by the end of the week so I can block it and show it off. :) One of my coworkers just had a birthday and I spent Friday night rummaging through both yarn and fingerless mitt patterns. Here's what I finally decided on:It's the chevron mitts pattern. I'm using shibui sock and I'm really liking how it's knitting up. No weird pooling at all. I hope she likes them! She's the first person I've knit for outside of my family (not including all the baby stuff I've knit up for others!). I set aside rivolo to get this far on the mitt and now I've set aside the mitt (and it's partner!) to finish up rivolo. She'll understand. She's not even expecting anything. :) I can finally show off pics of my first skein of wollmeise I scored! On the Loopy Groupies board, there is a topic entitled: Wollmeise Virgins and people post who've never tried wollmeise and there are some super nice other people willing to sell off some of their beloved wollmeise! CatReading so graciously offered up some skeins of her wollmeise to me and this is the one I selected, frosch. :) The second installment of the Perfect Day Yarn Sock Club has made its way so I give you, Wake. It also came with a pattern, some lip balm, a stitch marker, and some candy (of course!). And last but not least, some new sock yarn (sheepfeet)I saw up on One Planet Yarn and Fiber.
Hopefully this won't be the last of me as I am hoping to finish up rivolo (and maybe those mitts within the next couple of weeks). I'm super duper behind on blog reading and blog comments so bear with me. I hope I can catch up! :) All right, off to make dinner!


  1. Rivolo is gorgeous. The mitts look great and they should love them!
    Your new yarns are sooooooo all the colors. The sheepfeet looks really squishy?

    How does the copper bracelet work? So glad you're finger is feeling better to knit!:)

  2. Glad your finger is healing. I've been catching up on your blog. Wow! You niece is a big girl now. I love all of your new yarns. You pick such lovely colors!

  3. Glad to hear your finger is feeling some better!

    Rivolo is really pretty, as are the mitts! The colors are just great on both!

  4. The new yarn is gorgeous - I saw on Ravelry that you had some Wollmeise and wondered how you got it. Very nice! Love the fingerless mitts - gorgeous color!

  5. The combination of stitch pattern and yarn on the cowl is simply gorgeous!

  6. Your cowl is pretty and I LOVE those mitts. Great yarn/color choice. All of your yarns are beautiful !!!

  7. You are not the only one who is behind ;) Seems like I'm in a permanent state of catch up :)

    Your new knits (and yarn) are gorgeous, but I have to say I'm partial to the fingerless mitts. The color of the yarn is kind of color :)

  8. i think those sheepfeet yarns are just gorgeous! good luck finishing up your other knits and i hope your finger continues to get better! : )


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