Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the story

Here goes.. I had been up since about 7:30 the morning of the wedding. Yet we still ended up late for our hair appt! It was okay because we sort of developed an m.o. of always being late to the hair shop. Oh, it is important to note that I checked my email before we left to get our hair done. I had received a message from our lady who was making the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages stating that she and her people were working on the flowers that morning.
hair all done.
and now the veil.
Next up was my sister..We got out of the hair shop very late. I had asked my friend who was going to be doing our make-up to meet us at the garden at 12:45. We didn't head for the garden until about 12:45 and it didn't help that there was traffic and I insisted on going a different way rather than sit in the traffic! Pictures were taken while I was getting ready but I don't have any of them yet. So you'll just have to imagine me getting ready! The make-up took much longer than I had anticipated. It got to be about 2 and I believe I was still getting ready (that blasted makeup!) but guess what. Remember the lady who emailed me early in the morning? Well, she hadn't arrived yet. Our centerpieces were there but they were done by a personal friend. The lady who offered to do our bouquets and stuff is a friend of one of the lawyers at the firm where my sister works. From the beginning this very lady had insisted that I should have HER do the flowers because it should be a 'professional' doing them because it sounded to her as though the person doing our centerpieces wasn't a professional. My day of coordinator called Maggie at least 4 times and left a few vm's. When she did speak to her, she learned that Maggie somehow thought that we wouldn't be needing the flowers until SIX o'clock and apparently that is what my sister had said to her. So it's about 2:45 and still no sign of the bouquets or anything and the ladies who run the JACCC said that they could make us bouquets so we could start the ceremony already. I didn't know what to do! We ended up just having them make bouquets for us out of the flowers that they had used to decorate the bathrooms and they grabbed flowers from the centerpieces to make boutonnieres for the groom and the best man. And then we were off.Our MC whipped us through everything in less than the required time needed. There were photos, first dance, eating, cake, bouquet toss, garter toss, and lots of mingling.And the flowers? That dipshit, Maggie, had the nerve to text my day of coordinator during the ceremony. She ignored it. Then Maggie called her at the end of the ceremony (I believe) to state that she had FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!! During this phone conversation, my day of coordinator let her know that the ceremony was now over. Maggie, the horrible woman who shouldn't be talking about being professional, told her that somebody needed to meet her to PAY her. Yes, you read correctly. This half-wit still expected to be paid when she caused our wedding to start late WITHOUT our flowers. My day of coordinator told her that nobody was going to meet her to pay her because she had been called 4 times and didn't respond and she showed up at the end of the ceremony. Maggie said that she was not going to deal with her since she didn't deal with her in the beginning. Can I tell you that I let Maggie know that the latest I needed her to arrive at the garden was 1:30? And she responded back with, "I'll see you at 1:30." UGH. I haven't heard from her though. We didn't have a written contract and no money was exchanged so whatever. I just hate that our ceremony started SO late because of her!!!!!! Aside from that drama, it was fun! Though there was a handful of people who had rsvp'd and didn't show up so I was a bit saddened by that. My mom was all about taking the leftovers home with us and if we had had more take away boxes (or something else to take food home) we would've! We did take some though. Everyone was SO unbelievably wiped out from the wedding. We went home in the hopes of resting but my family wanted us to open gifts!!We got lots of nice stuff that neither one of us can wait to use--once we figure out where our life is headed next! Now that the wedding is out of the way, I can focus more on job searching! Oh, here's what my niece's flower girl basket ended up looking like for the wedding. It's missing a few flowers but that's okay. My wedding shawl? It made it to the venue but it was SO warm that there wasn't any need for it and since our reception was on fast forward, I didn't even have a moment to go in the other room to grab it or my camera for that matter! The only picture I was able to take after the wedding was this:By the way, this lil monkey did a fantastic job. At the rehearsal we all thought it was going to be hit or miss with her but she was outstanding. Apparently she even stopped and posed for pictures!! Now I leave you with my favorite picture (so far) from the wedding:


  1. Oh girl, don't feel bad.. your flowers still look beautiful! And it's better than our wedding- our soloist didn't show and neither did one of our groomsmen. (his boss told him if he left work he'd be fired.) Everything looks gorgeous, including you and your man! ;)

  2. Everything looks couldn't even tell that those weren't the "right" flowers! I wouldn't pay her either...although I'd like to grab a bouquet and pop her on the head with it because I'm sure you were so worried and upset about it. Weddings are sooo exhausting...I didn't even have time to go pee at ours until after the reception and we were home! Then it was an ordeal undoing all the little buttons on the back of my dress and all the contraptions underneath! Where are you going on a honeymoon? Love the pics and your snazzy new background for your blog! hugs

  3. Do you listen to the CogKNITive podcast? She is having a retreat on October 10 in Tehachapi at the La Quinta Inn...she has a group on Ravelry with all the details and it should be fun. Would love to see you in person!

  4. Everything looks beautiful - and both of you look wonderful. Unbelievable about the flowers, but glad it didn't ruin your day.

    Congrats again, and hope everything is going well!

  5. You look beautiful Rhoda! Besides the flower incident, sounds like everything else went smoothly and beautifully. I can't believe that woman still had the nerve to ask to get paid!!! Has she tried to contact you again since?

  6. So sorry about the flowers, but it sure looks like you made the best of it and everything and everyone looked lovely!! Hopefully you'll find a really good job and then you'll be able to relax a little. you deserve it!! My toes and fingers are crossed ;)


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