Friday, July 31, 2009

sense of accomplishment

With all the wedding planning and trips up north for interviews, my blog reading fell by the wayside. Everyday that I logged onto bloglines, the number of posts I had saved kept growing and growing. It got to about 150+! Well, I am happy to state that I'm now down to about 50 posts. Maybe come next week, I'll be all caught up again. :) I often times save recipes that I've found on blogs or things that I think are cool. Like this, or this, or this! I applied for a bunch of jobs yesterday and I heard back from the district receptionist via email earlier today so we'll see if that leads anywhere. I applied for one job today too and I got referred to a couple as well. Can't someone just hire me already?? My friend from work asked me today if we were still gonna move if I didn't have a job anywhere and I said that we'd still move--eventually. I don't want to change gears again. We're in deep this time around. The last time we tried to move, I hadn't packed anything yet. This time is different. I'm feeling like if we don't get out now, we never will. I just received a letter from one of the schools I interviewed with last month. I don't know why they bother writing me a letter when an email or even a phone call would suffice. Why waste paper and a stamp to tell me thanks but no thanks? Granted, it's better than not hearing from them at all but come on, that was about a month and a half ago. I think I got the hint when I didn't hear back from them right away. Ooooooooooooooooh, pretty! I received my final sock yarnista shipment today. I had to cancel it until I start working full-time again. It's gorgeous. It's a cashmerino blend. The colorway is rhubarb. It's even prettier in person and amazingly soft. If you haven't tried any of Sharon's yarns, you must. She's a doll and she is a color magician! :) I don't think these pictures do the yarn justice though. I've been slowly knitting away on pinkie. I'm 2 repeats away from completion and already I'm shopping around for another lace project. I thought about the springtime bandit, I contemplated milkweed. I even thought about laminaria but so far, nothing has really sparked my interest. Maybe I need to go back to my something blue and get it done before we move so that I don't end up mailing it to my sister! I spent a lot of time the other night comparing shawlette patterns and I did a bit more in the morning. The next shawlette I undertake needs to be blue though. Yet as I took a look at my stash on rav, I noticed that I don't have that particular shade of blue that I'm looking for. When I first started joining knitting swaps, I always said that my favorite colors were blues and greens. After a while, I had reached my limit in blue yarn and now there's a definite lack of blue yarn in my stash. I need to do something about that--once I get my first check from my next future job. ;) Maybe I'll begin work on that pair of fingerless mitts my husband is waiting on. I think I finally found a pattern. We watched a goofy movie last night. It was called Ramen Girl. Brittany Murphy is the one and only 'star' in the movie. It was cute. A lot of yelling in Japanese but still funny.


  1. what great yarn....I've never used it or seen it..hmmmm :)

    will keep you in my thoughts/prayers for your job'll all work out when it's right!

  2. I'll have to check out Ramen Girl. Funny you say, but worth it??

    Ooh, that yarn is delicious!

    Is the economy in the USA turning around? Or is it still deep into the recession?

    I'm sure when it's right, you will find the perfect job. I have faith you will!

    I can't wait to see what you make with that yarn!

  3. Thanks for the link on how to make drumsticks - I'll have to try it! :-)

    Gorgeous yarn - and I hope you find a great pattern for your next project.

    Keeping fingers crossed you will find a job soon!


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