Tuesday, October 16, 2007

bad habit

I'm starting to make this a bad habit-this not blogging thing. That's not good, not good @ all! I come baring pictures though. So hopefully I'll be forgiven for my lack of blog posts because of all these cute baby pics! This, my friends, is the lil bulldog! She's standing on her very own two feet. She walks and 'runs' as well. She's also very good at hiding behind people if she's not quite used to you yet.
And she's still quite mischievous. We were trying to watch "The Astronaut Farmer" and this lil munchkin kept picking up remotes, walking up to the tv pressing buttons, playing with cell phones etc. It was too funny.
Here she is with a 'chew toy' she created. These pics were taken in her new home. She has her very own home now and won't be right next door to my old bedroom at home when we visit for the holidays. :( We didn't get to spend very much time with her because we arrived Saturday afternoon rather than late Friday night. She didn't really get a chance to get re-used to us but we're hoping Thanksgiving will be enough to get her to remember who we are. She did allow me to chew on her hand while we were watching the movie though. Lil' nut.
Proud moments:
She remembered the lil trick I taught her the last time I saw her--which was how to play with her lips and create different sounds.
When I realized she has my eyes. I don't remember how I noticed it but I mentioned it to my mom and she told me she already knew that!
Watching her walk and run around--because I had been so worried that she'd continue to be a bit behind developmentally. I can't wait to for Thanksgiving time!!
Now in non-baby news...here's my TvYarn sock kit! The theme was "Fried Green Tomatoes" which is one of my favorite, favorite movies! The soap is heavenly, the sours yummy and the yarn is waiting patiently amongst my ever-growing stash. I'm trying to figure out what I'd like to make with it..
Speaking of ever-growing stash, I'm noticing more and more each day, that I really need to stop buying yarn--@ least for a bit! I have a small space as it is for my stash and rather than stash creatively, I'm going to attempt to use up my stash for projects. Although I do wish that I had more solid yarns in my stash! I plan on knitting up some baby items for my niece and a friend who is expecting. I also plan on a second pair of socks for my fiance, some fingerless mitts for myself, and some more hats! I finished a pair of these last week for my fiance and I'm almost done with my mad color weave socks! :) The fingerless mitts I just finished are soooo luxuriously soft. I'm so glad I only used up one skein. I've got enough to whip up another set of mitts for me!
My sister is reconvening her knitting lessons tonight apparently and my fiance might join in as well since he only knows how to purl (or maybe knit--I can't remember!).
Oh..I did a brainless thing over the weekend. I blocked all my recent fo's and with it being cold out, I wanted to speed up the drying process so they wouldn't be smelly and I threw a few items into the dryer on low. My thermal started to felt! :o It still fits but rather than it being a lil bit big on me, now it almost fits me to a tee. :P Sigh..I'm going to try to do some steam blocking to see if that'll give it some stretch. Cross your fingers for me. My fiance laughed at me. :P So much for trying to speed things up!!


  1. OK, I'm easily distracted by the non-knitting post b/c of the supercute girl!

  2. before you steam it... soak it in wash with hair conditioner then work it a bit to loosen... may be just what the doc ordered... good luck with that.. also... next time put it in the oven on low... instead of the dryer that way it won't be jostling around.

    your niece is too cute....I remember the remote days. Glad they're over!

    and don't talk to me about a diet... I'm officially on one so I guess I'll forgo Rhinebeck.. what fun would that be if I can't buy at all????

  3. good luck getting thermal back to the right size! : )

    i always try to knit from my stash and it works for a while and then i don't have the yarn i need for a project and end up buying more... *sigh* it's a vicious cycle!

  4. I hear you on the blogging thing. I'm working on 2 big projects and it doesn't seem to have anything blog worthy happening. Ah, well, there's always tomorrow! Niece is wicked cute and that sock yarn looks, well, very cheerful!

  5. Good luck getting your thermal back in shape, what a bummer. The bulldog is adorable as ever!

  6. What a cutie!!

    The yarn looks great too ;)

  7. Your little niece is sooo cute :) I've been having trouble blogging too lately. Not enough time...life is just getting in the way. With the holidays approaching it's only going to get worse,,,got to stop thinking, can you hear my panic?
    Have a great weekend :)

  8. Awwwww! You are the luckiest Auntie! What a doll. I can't believe how big she's getting.

    Oh, no! Poor thermal! Hope you get it fixed to your liking! I've done the same thing with hand knits, and we all know better!


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