Monday, October 22, 2007

the hills of los angeles are burning

If you've seen the news, you know this is true. I just want to make sure my readers know I'm okay and have been unaffected by the fires. At least, my apt. has been. My school is on the way towards where the Malibu fire is. I was actually on my way to the Palisades yesterday when I saw the alert on the freeway about the fire! Here's a pic of what we saw later in the day while driving around Santa Monica. I didn't any tv yesterday so I didn't hear about all of the other fires until today. Crazy. I hope they all get contained quickly. We've got a student that lives in Malibu and they were smoked out. One of the teacher is in the Topanga area which isn't too far from Malibu. In knitting's my second mad color weave sock nearly finished. I think by the end of tonight I should have a pair to call my own. I have to say that this pair of socks will get to be worn in public. The other socks I have made are a bit too thick for me to wear with shoes but these might be just right!
Here's a close-up of my greenery hat. I took other pics but they didn't do the colorway justice like this shot did.
Today, my class and I went on a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch! :) I wish I could post some of the pics of them trying to find the pumpkin with the spider drawn at the base of it. I got a lot of great shots.
Instead, you'll just have to look at pumpkins!


  1. Yay, pumpkins!

    My thoughts are with you Californians. I hope it rains soon or the winds stop blowing.

  2. i hope that you are able to stay safe! your socks are looking good! : )

  3. Good to know that you are safe. the fires look pretty frightening.

  4. Glad to hear that you're ok. When I saw the news, I thought of you and your fam in CA.
    whew! Scary!

  5. Those fires must be terrifying. Glad you are safe. Will keep the people of California in my thoughts and prayers. Fire is so devastating. Your latest socks are beautiful. Very interesting stitch pattern.

    Enjoy your weekend :)


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