Monday, October 1, 2007


hey, guess what I heard from tiennie? She said that Sundara is starting up a new yarn club called the "Seasons" Yarn Club. You get to pick which season you'd like your yarn to be dyed in be it a spring color, autumn color, summer color or a winter color. I thought it was a cool idea. You receive 8 skeins of Sundara yarn in total. :o She's taking subscriptions until the end of this month or until she's reached her maximum limit... and some news! Today was the first full day of Kindergarten and I have to say, by about..oh, 1:45, I was ready to kill some of my students. lol. Thank goodness for lunch breaks!! Other news (good news!) my fiance went in for a check-up to see how things were going and the doctor said so far so good. Even better good news is I found out today that if I want him to be covered under my insurance, he can be. whew!


  1. Great news about your fiance!

    What season did you sign up for?

  2. Dude, I've been waiting for the Sundara sock club for months and now I'm passing on it. I'm gonna kick myself when you start posting pics of the yarn you get! Which season did you pick?

  3. Don't kill any students! LOL

    Glad everything is working out for your man!

  4. I am not going to click on that link for the sock club - I'm really trying not to buy yarn....must resist....

    Glad your fiance is feeling better! Good luck with the kids...

  5. Really, I have created a "monster." You are an ENABLER and I'm not sure it's a good thing. :P :P

    At least I'm on a yarn diet, so I HAVE to resist.

    Glad things are still getting better for your fiance, and I thought ALL 4 year olds were scary and crazy, LOL??? Hang in there!

    I'm going to go tie up my hands now so I don't order yarn.

  6. Oh I so want in on that yarn club... but DH freaked this past week on the amount of yarn that I've been buying of late (and that was jsut from ebay) so I better resist. Glad your man is a bit better.... hope the mend continues.

    we're still without contract. The board votes on our proposal tmrw night... cross your fingers for us.

    Oh and check out the sad state of my almost scarf (on my blog)... it's enough to make one cry!


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