Monday, October 29, 2007

knitting plenty

Well, I've got a few fo's that I haven't mentioned yet. I finished my mad color weave socks over the weekend as well as my fingerless mitts that I had been working on. I cast on for a pair of techguy socks and I decided to try this chevron pattern I saw on ravelry. Gosh, I also finished that pair of dashing-not sure if I blogged about their completion yet.
I picked up some manly yarn from the loopy ewe. Both are shibui knits sock yarn. I may just knit up some plain stockinette socks we'll see. Why are men's sock patterns so boring??
This would be my final package of the Blue Plate Special Sock Club courtesy of Khris of Chewy Spaghetti fame. A few other fun things came with the skein as always. Looking forward to my next Chewy Spaghetti Club starting in February. :)
Halloween will soon be upon us and I finally got my wings for my costume. The First grade partnership and the Kindergarten partnership are going to be fairies. I didn't want to be too girly though. I wanted black wings. And I got some. I just hope it won't be too hot on Halloween because I'll most likely be in all black. I was thinking goth fairy after looking at some pictures but that would entail needing to pick up some white lipstick and I'm too lazy for that! My fiance and I have been driving around to look at houses that are decorated for Halloween and there are less houses done up nicely this year than last year. He was pretty bummed out about it. Oh well. Hope everyone has a happy halloween!


  1. Ooh, your page is orange! It looks good! ;)

    I wanted to be a goth-like fairie, but I'm too busy to make a costume, and too poor to buy one. lol

    Have fun, and show us a pic of yourself!

  2. The new yarn is very nice looking. I like the FOs, too!

  3. Great FOs and yarn too! Everytime I pop in, your blog is different!

  4. Very nice yarn you have there...waiting to see what you do with it.... :)

  5. very nice FOs you've got going here....and nice sock yarn! i've never ordered from loopy ewe....might have to go over and browse. g-girl, you're a bad influence!!! ;-)


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