Thursday, October 18, 2007

a few wips..and a possible spoiler!

As promised, here are a couple of shots of a couple things I started earlier this week. I don't get very much time to knit during the course of the school day and when I do get time to knit, I like it to be stuff that's a bit mindless. Even though I did work a bit on my mad color weave sock @ school last week! This is the beginnings of a new fingerless mitt. I tried to find the link for the pattern but for some reason it's no longer available. I looked it up on ravelry as well and nothing. The pattern is "Chavi's Fingerless Mitts." I had intended to use this yarn for a pair of socks but changed my mind @ the last minute. So far so good. :) I like how it's coming along. Now to figure out what I'm going to do with the second skein of this stuff!This would be the very early beginnings of my greenery hat. I'm using rock lobster from sereknity boutique and you know what? My yarn smells like pumpkin pie!!! :9 I keep smelling it every chance I get. It must smell so yummy because accompanying my yarn was a package of apple spice potpourri!

WARNING...Possible Spoiler if you're in the YP sock club!!

In the mail today, I received this somewhat unanticipated package from the yarn pirate! I knew a package would eventually be arriving but I didn't expect it today. So here's what I got (sans the yp button that I noticed after the fact!). The new colorway is called "Killer Bees." And there are my new pairs of circular needles!! :)
Looking for a sock pattern for that special man in your life?? lol. Try this on for size. I, unfortunately don't have any yarn in my stash for this cool pattern just yet. I'm hoping one of my sock clubs will provide me with some. ;) I've got some str in lagoon but that stuff is ear-marked for a pair of techguy socks.
Speaking of the men in your lives, yesterday, I stumbled upon some new pattern books for stuff for guys. I saw this over at amazon: It has yet to be released but should be out early next month. I can't wait! I could use some man patterns..preferably more socks, more hats, and more mitts/gloves. I'm actually glad my fiance isn't much of a sweater guy because having to knit a sweater would kill me. There were a few other knitting pattern books for men but this was the one that caught my attention--and check out that price!
I also have ordered a few baby pattern books since I'm looking for the perfect sweater pattern for the lil munchkin using my chewy spaghetti stuff in alluring. Khris was gracious enough to send me another skein because the first one I had had knots. Thanks, Khris! I'm looking into toddler sized stuff-anything smaller, she won't wear for very long.


  1. Khris really is great at replacing the faulty yarn, isn't she? :)

    I want pink needles!

  2. Cool fingerless mitts? Where can we find the pattern?

  3. I also tried to find the pattern for those fingerless mitts. I LOVE them! I might have to try and write a pattern I like them so much.

  4. Your newest project looks very nice indeed...gee I think fingerless mitt knitting is in the air right now ...just about everyone is doing a pair...must be the cooler weather heading in. Good luck with all your new patterns!

  5. I'm expecting my Yarn Pirate Booty in the mail too! Ah - thanks for the spoiler, looks nice. I wonder how it knits up???

    I cant wait for the move - the lighting in my new house is SOOO Much more nicer than the lighting in my current house - so much more daylight for photographing yarn!


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