Monday, November 19, 2007

a spoiler!!

Well, I finished the socks for my niece yesterday. I wish someone had told me about sock knitting for lil ones before I entered the world of sock knitting for adults! I hope that they fit. I've halted on the sock knitting for her until I can get my hands on her lil tootsies. I've also halted knitting on the hat I started because I want to make sure the thing will fit her!
I am leaving tomorrow night (at some point!) to go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. I've got packages that are on the way this week so rather than worry about my packages getting taken or even wet should it happen to rain while I'm away, I put the mail on hold starting on Wednesday. I kinda hope that my final package from my sp comes tomorrow since she sent me an email saying it was on the way but if not, I can wait.
I found out last night that we get to leave work early if we finish half of our progress reports early enough. Nobody thinks they'll be done at 11am. For a good five minutes I thought it was possible until I attempted to get started on the ones I took. Ha. I'll be lucky if I can get three done. Thank goodness we have up until 4 pm tomorrow to be done with half of our class's. Ideally it'd be nice if we were done with all of them but we'll see. It took me about an hour just to get one lil paragraph completed. just might be an all-nighter should I continue to procrastinate! I've gotten a bit caught up on blogs though!


If you don't want a peak...I suggest you stop reading here.

I did manage to receive one package in the mail today and that would be my second installment of the booty club. I don't know yet how I feel about the color. It might just have to grow on me like rum runner did (which ended up being my favorite colorway from the first booty club!). Only one more installment left of the booty club and then I think I'm going to retire from it. I'll be up to my ears in sock clubs come next month! I think there will be three different skeins to anticipate next month including my first installment of some sundara yarn! I also signed up for the zen string club. I'm weak, what can I say. Okay, must. stop. procrastinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are gonna luuurve the Zen String sockclub. It was my favorite, I loved each yarn. I wanted to nab a spot recently but had to pass it up, darn holidays!

  2. I'm so jealous of the sock yarn clubs! I like the new color, but I usually pick the super brights. hehe

    I love knitting baby socks! I hope they fit her.

  3. AAAH! We were about 20 miles from each other over Thanksgiving! Damn - we could've arranged a meetup. And then I was in LA, but was there less than 24 hours so a meet up there would've been impossible. Hope you had a good one.


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