Friday, November 30, 2007

some cool links!

Remember these?
And how I couldn't link the pattern because it was no longer available online? I think I figured out why. Have you seen these? I had seen these fingerless mitts which are very similar to the chavi ones and I'm guessing that's why. I just wanted to share the link. I've been stumbling upon lots of cool, free patterns lately. I also found the tuscany sock pattern. Have you seen this one yet? So many patterns out there!
Sigh. It has been quite a long day. Today marked the end of Book Week. Typically, my school has a weekly whole school assembly held outdoors every Friday morning to kick off our day. I awoke at 5ish in the morning to the pitter patter of rain. I had been warned that rainy days at our school are horrific. This being because we do a lot of activities outdoors. The kids have lunch outdoors, they have recess outdoors, they have pe outdoors. We have kuyam outdoors. This was especially bothersome today because the culmination of Book Week was a literacy festival where an author was going to come speak. The author still came and she did her talk in two parts-part 1 with the upper school, part 2 with the lower school. Oh, the author that came was Paula Yoo. I gave you her myspace page so you could see what she looked like. She was great! I really liked her. Great speaker and the kids got a lot out of her. She talked about the writing process and what goes into getting a book published by a publishing company. One of the moms at school donated Paula's book,
SIXTEEN YEARS IN SIXTEEN SECONDS: THE SAMMY LEE STORY" She has another book coming out titled, Good Enough. I'm not quite sure what it's about but I'd be interested in checking out just from listening to her speak. It's a Young Adult novel.
So the poor kids were stuck inside all day long. And you know how I said today was the last day of Book Week? Well, the literacy committee had planned for the whole school to have a get a cozy with books session with pillows, stuffed animals, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. outside. Are you seeing a trend yet?? We just did it in our own class-and the 6th graders came down (as if we didn't have enough space issues!). That went okay for the most part-a lot of the members of the literacy committee were Kindergarten moms so they were down in our classroom helping out. Oh, they provided hot chocolate, homemade muffins, and fruit.
And on top of all of this, I was trying to organize something (via email) for Monday for my partner teacher because her birthday is Sunday. Well guess what. I forgot she has jury duty on Monday!! Can it get any worse?? I'm laughing as I type all of this mind you. So I've made the executive decision that we'll just have to do what we wanted to do on Tuesday..maybe. Things are still very up in the air.
Here's my knitting content--during today's teacher appreciation lunch which was held in the art room (when typically it's held outside!) my curriculum director had her son pose for me. She apparently knitted him some slippers! She's a first time knitter! She made them over the Thanksgiving holiday. They were pretty good. She said, 'I learned on the internet!' She has now entered dangerous territory for knitters. She has started working on a second pair. :)
Tomorrow, I promise pics of what I'm currently working on and some yarn I got from pdy (who by the way is offering free shipping until the 6th of December. Evil, I tell you. ;)


  1. Visiting authors are the best! My youngest just before Thanksgiving had Yoko Kawashima Watkins (So Far from the Bamboo Grove)visit. He loves her! My oldest when he was in middle school had David Macaulay (the way things work books)visit. Very cool :)

  2. You all are so lucky that you can do so much outside! It's freezing here, and the snow...ugh!

    We had an author at our school this week, too. Indoors, of course. hehe

    Gotta go check your links. :)


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