Friday, November 9, 2007


Gosh, has it really been about a week and a half since I last blogged? It feels much longer than that. I miss the days when I could blog every other day if I felt like it. There isn't quite as much knitting going on as I'd like but I will be making up for that during this brief holiday weekend.
I do have to share with you the amazing package I received from my sp!
I absolutely heart pretty much everything I received particularly that fall-themed bag! And the baby knits book! So cool. I also received a sock pattern which is underneath the eggplant colored skeins of soft sea wool, some rubber stamps, yummy chocolate, and some fall-themed cardstock (just what I had been looking for in fact!). Thank you again sp! :)
I have been working on socks. I finished two toddler socks but I have no pics. I'm knitting them without even knowing how big my little niece's foot is. My mom gave me one of her shoes but said she doesn't even fit into it. I requested that she take the circumference and length of my niece's foot the next time she saw her but she wasn't too keen on that idea. Sigh..I'm working on the foot portion of my fiance's techguy sock and I'm closing in on the heel portion of my chevron sock. I'm dying to make a tree jacket of my own and have been on ravelry for the past two nights trying to figure out which yarn I'd like to use and in what colorway. I have settled on using Valley Yarns Colrain but I'm still on the fence regarding the colorway I want to use. My sister says chestnut (which isn't a color I normally wear!) and I do kind of want to step away from the greens and the blues but what if I don't like it in whatever color I end up choosing? Any thoughts? I decided to use the valley yarns because I'm not a fan of alpaca @ all even if it's in a blend because it'll still be itchy to me. :( Having read that a couple of people can't wear it close to the skin, that was enough for me to not want to use it. I thought about using cotton-ease but will I get the same drape? I haven't purchased anything just yet but I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to get something and soon! I have to tell you, when I first saw the tree jacket, I didn't think much of it, until I saw this version. I fell in love. I am also in love with oblique. I spent last night looking at possible yarn subs for that one as well..but 13 skeins? Not quite in my budget just yet.
I took a couple of days off from school this week-Monday and Tuesday. I just needed to. I woke up Monday morning with this feeling that I shouldn't go to work. I don't know why but I went with the feeling and called in. I called in for Tuesday as well just because I didn't want to come back on a day when we had a faculty meeting. It was nice and much needed. I didn't do much knitting but I took care of life stuff-got a flu shot, made a dentist appt, grocery shopped, and I can't remember what else I did. I did do something fun on Tuesday though. I went to an Eco-Fest hosted by the cast and crew of Scrubs! We didn't show up until the final hour of it so I'm sure we missed out on the cast showing up (because it was said that they would make an appearance) and there were also set tours but I think we missed the last one. But, we did get tons of free stuff! Free food (philly cheesesteak sandwiches, loads and loades of drinks, cookies, and the best sno-cones I've ever had!), free samples of stuf, free eco-friendly grocery bags, etc. It was so much fun-even though we were only there for an hour! I forgot my camera so you'll just have to take my word for it. The best part for my fiance was getting to see this. I think they're already in production and will be available starting next year. We got to sit in it and it was so cool inside. I love the screen. If you look closely, there aren't any side mirrors or even a rearview mirror. Instead, it's got cameras! So I leave you with a look into our future!


  1. Just last night I said "Hmm, I better check in on R, she hasn't posted for awhile" and I get up and there you are! Hooray!

    I was going to be very jealous if you met Zach Braff even if he seems like he might be a jerk in real life. His character is my dream bf hahaha. Okay not quite since he's not Scottish ;)

  2. What a cool car! Enjoy your latest swap package!

  3. I know I aways gravitate toward (mostly) blues and greens when knitting for myself. Sometimes you just have to take a plunge and pick some different(I know I'm a fine one to talk) Usually my rule of thumb is if the color goes well with jeans then it's good to go. I'm sure what ever you pick out will be beautiful.

    That sure is one cool must have been fun sitting in it :)


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