Monday, February 4, 2008

crochet anyone?

Well, in order to complete my critter, I had to crochet some eyeballs. I'm going to let you in on a little secret about me. Prior to this little guy, I hadn't successfully tried crochet. I've tried it once or twice but was always unsuccessful and never really 'got it.' In fact, I've always tried to stay away from patterns that required me to do any kind of crochet because I never thought I could figure out how to do it. I kept telling myself I'd teach myself how to crochet over the summer--or @ least the next long break I have off from school. I was seriously considering just picking out some buttons and sewing them on as eyes. My fiance had already picked some out. Something inside me made me decided to give it a try one last time. With the help of this website, I learned how to do a chain stitch and I learned how to do single crochet! This picture is my first nice chain stitch.

I'm single crocheting, yo! :)
Sideways view of my three rows of single crochet. As for my thoughts..crocheting is hard and it makes my hand hurt. Here's the finished critter! My fiance didn't want to let the guy go. I had to tell him that I'd make him one after I finished my shawl...which I can now focus on again!
In non-crochet news, today was day one of the accreditation team coming to visit. I got interviewed with my partner. I was asked if I was a teacher asst. or an asst. teacher (yes, there's a difference!) and my response was that I was actually a co-teacher. Poor woman. She said she had no idea and no one had even alluded to that fact. She was a bit taken aback. Hope that doesn't count against us. They will still be with us through tomorrow afternoon and then we will not be having a staff meeting (yahooooo!!!) so we can all go complete our civic duty.


  1. Good job learnign something new! I originally wanted to crochet instead of knit, but it hurt my hands. :(

  2. I used to crochet, but I like knitting better.

  3. Good for you conquering crochet!!

    I crochet, but I much rather knit. It is a good skill to have...congratulations :)


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