Thursday, February 7, 2008

ray bradbury, a package, and a shawl!

And I present to you, Ray Bradbury. He spoke for an hour and then did autographs. He was funny and an interesting speaker. Apparently he has spoken at every library in Southern California. His main message was to leave us with a feeling of love because you have to have love in your life. He is an amazing man and has led a full life. He's definitely a engineer of change and he does so through writing. He's had a hand in the design of the Horton Plaza in San Diego and Hollywood & Highland Center to name just a few.
Now, here's my hot cocoa swap from Logan L! Nice shoes, by the way! lol.
Look @ all the goodies!!
Everything unpacked. I received some lindt hot cocoa, a box of ferrer rocher (one of my favorites!!), 2 dark chocolate candy bars, stitchmarkers, super cool peppermint marshmallows (which I hadn't seen before!), sock yarn, a cool lobster, a fairleigh dickinson mug filled with some tootsie rolls, and a burt's bee pack of lotion. :) Thank you sooo very much for all the spoiling. I've had some week!
Look @ my cute lil lobster!!! It's already been claimed by my fiance (of course!).
Some sock yarn.
Some super cute fishie stitchmarkers!!
And here's a crappy shot of my finished spring things shawl, unblocked. My wires didn't arrive yet. I'm wondering where the heck they're at. Maybe they're at school and I didn't see them by my mailbox. Hmmm. I'm hoping to get to block my shawl this weekend. I was wearing it around the living room last night! It's my first shawl, what do you expect! It's on the smallish side so I'm hoping blocking will stretch it out a lot. I'm guessing @ least to my bottom. We'll see..


  1. The lobster is freakin' awesome!!!

    Yey for mail!

  2. Yummy goodies!

    I bet the shawl will grow lots and lots when you block it. :D

  3. OMG! A knit lobster! How cute is that?! You know, one of my nicknames for cute hubby is "crabman," so if I could only find a pattern for a knit crab...:)

    Those stitch markers are so cute, too! I love the little fishies!

  4. Love your lobster...if I didn't know it was knitted I would think it was real...awesome :)

    You are very spoiled my dear ;)

    Love your shawl...makes me think of spring!

  5. I am lovin that lobster!

    Hope you've enjoyed the swap!

  6. The shawl is beautiful - and blocking it will make it much larger! Hope the blocking wires come soon.

  7. Glad you like everything! I had a blast shopping.

    I am gonna miss that lobster. Take good care of him. =P

    Oh and I just realized something. Those fishie stitch markers came with a random extra one. I was going to keep it but then I lost it. I wonder where it went....?? Haha, oh well, have fun!

  8. Love the stitch markers and the lobster! I met Ray Bradbury an embarrassing number of years ago. Do you know he looks exactly the same today? He signed a couple of books and took the time to really chat with me.

  9. Great package! That lobster and those stitch markers are way too cute. Blocking will make that shawl look totally different. It's very pretty now, don't forget to take an after-block pic! :)


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