Monday, February 25, 2008

quite the awful blogger if you ask me

Goodness, has it really been two weeks?? I'm so sorry. Not like you're all waiting on pins and needles to hear from me! The last two weeks have been busy with a quick visit to the doctor's for some antibiotics for an infection I had, my poor students being vaporized by the flu that was going around, a quiet Valentine's Day, a bday party at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a weekend trip to see the lil munchkin, issues with my sister, followed by the feeling that I will never get caught up again (which I'm attempting to conquer!), and last week ended with me getting a fever and a headache (which translates to the early onset of the flu that vaporized my students!!) and losing my voice! Sigh.
No need to go into details regarding everything up through my students being vaporized by the flu. As for our quiet Valentine's Day, I did get my fiance a polar bear needle felting kit as well as music & lyrics, dvd and cd (his current favorite movie and favorite soundtrack!). I received Josefina and can I tell you that I'm dying to knit up a shawl for her!
The bday party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Wow. It was a fancy girl tea about fancy schmancy. The food was both cute and yummy and the goodie bags--even my niece got a little something! We even walked off with a bunch of leftovers. The bday girl's dad wanted to make sure we took some food with us for our long drive and he kept telling everyone!! Fortunately, most of the guests were parents of students in my class so no big deal.
Now, the lil munchkin. Oh my goodness is she a a ton of fun now!! We got to my mom's late Saturday night (President's Day weekend) and rather than being asleep, she saw me, gave me a huge grin and was ready to play! The overload of pictures are the Sunday after we got there, and President's Day (in her jammies). so cute..I wish I could say I made this darling sweater!!
Doesn't she look cute in my hat??
Trying on some earmuffs
And now a water bottle and one of her dinosaur links that she got in her goodie bag!
What is that face??
remember, she's sneaky!
yeah, I have a dinosaur hooked to my sweater, so what??
hmm...I think I can figure this out on my own.
bubbles!! (Robyn, I have to tell you that I just had to try bubbles with my niece after seeing how much Sean loved them.)
looking as if she is brushing her teeth with her light-up toothbrush (she's actually trying to get the light on by biting around where it lights up!!!)
haha...I made the hole bigger in my toothbrush.
Sigh, time to go to take a nap! I spent most of my time just hanging out with her and running around with her. Hence the lack of pictures.
Issues with my sister..where do we even begin. She's moving, yay!! My parents actually wanted her to not move but I can't take not being spoken to for much longer..I don't want to go into it. I'll save it for its own post. I had intended to during the two weeks I've been missing but didn't. I'm okay with her moving out--I'm actually looking forward to her moving out because then all the negative energy she has created will disappear!
Let's see my own illness? I went home last Thursday feeling headachy and as though I was going to be running a temperature. Later that night, I had a temp. of 103 (which is what most of my kids had!) and was worried that I was finally going to be hit by their flu. Fortunately for me, the fever went away and all I had left was no voice. I totally missed Carl Lewis at my school. Ugh. Oh well. That just means I can't miss Isabel Allende when she comes. This past Friday and Saturday I was in bed. Yesterday, I went out for a little bit but still wasn't feeling 100%. Today, I actually felt normal again so it's back to work tomorrow. Oh and my voice did return..but now I've got an annoying sore throat.
There has been knitting though! No real progress. I finished my techguy
socks and my spring things shawl. Here are close-up shots of my spring things shawl. I've already worn it. I wore it to the fancy schmancy tea party. I realized I need a shawl pin!!Here's a sock I started using some of Sarah's self-striping. :) Since it was so Valentinesy (and for me!)
I decided my fiance needed some stripey socks as well. I've finished the first socks for both pairs (just don't have pics!) and am working on the gusset for both socks. His are made with shibui sock yarn. Though this stuff pools like a mother, it is so, so, ridiculously soft.
Okay, and now I must bid you adieu!


  1. First off, I've been on pins and needles waiting for a post (LOL)... Missed you!

    Second, what sweater is that she's modeling? It's adorable!!!

    Third, I love self stripping! Save some leftovers when u'r done for Sean's blankie!!! Please :)

  2. Oh my word!! How cute is she! Too much!

    I love how both socks are coming out!

    THe shawl is gorgeous, I need a shawl pin too.

  3. You have been busy! Sorry you got sick, that just sucks.

    Your niece is one super cute kid.

  4. Glad you are finally feeling better. LOVE all you pictures. Your niece sure is a cutie pie. Don't feel badly about being behind with everything...I'm not working and I s still manage to get behind all the time- there is never enough time :)

    Your spring fling shawl is awesome...I bet you were the best dressed lady at the fancy tea party!!

    happy knitting ;)

  5. happy belated birthday...
    the party sounds cool.

    glad you're feeling better.
    LOVE the shawl and your sock knitting amazes me. you just keep cranking them out!

  6. Your knitting is beautiful! That little niece is growing so fast! She's so cute. Isn't it something when they start to turn into kids, instead of babies?


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