Wednesday, February 6, 2008

one more!

I love this week. Not only did I get my sock blockers from the loopy ewe today but I also got my february january sock kit (sorry that I mistakenly called it the feb. kit. I got it in february, what's a girl to do? :P) from robyn's nest! In addition to my kit (which included a skein of yarn called vintage rose, stitch markers, a sample of soak wash, and an awesome pattern from mona schmidtt!!!!!!!), I also got a bag of ketchup flavored lays from Robyn for my fiance. Thanks hon!!!!!! Here is a better shot of vintage rose. I've been having a hard time getting good photographs lately due to the lack of sun the last few days. Pardon the poor shots that I have been posting lately.
And here is a much better shot of sweetheart. It's truer to its color than the close-up shot is.
Okay, I shouldn't be receiving anymore yarn now. Other than the seasons' kit (I think--I don't keep track!) and a package from my hot cocoa swap spoiler! :) Tomorrow (if not Friday), I ought to have a picture of a finished shawl--at least the knitting part. I'm going to hear Ray Bradbury speak tomorrow evening so who knows if I'll get a chance to post once I get home.


  1. Hey! It's actually the January sock kit from my shop - the February has not gone in the mail yet. Glad you got it - and do let me know what you two think of the Ketchup chips! I heart ketchup!

  2. Did the chips make it okay? Still in one piece? I put them in a box so they'd survive. I hope the did!

  3. Ketchup flavored chips..? the yarn, but you need to stop posting all this pretty yarn! I'm getting jealous!

  4. How were the chips? I've never seen ketchup flavor before. ggirl, you're not getting spoiled are you? More pretty yarn!! Lucky. ;)

  5. Pretty yarn! I esp like the vintage rose. Hey that's a cool name.. vintage rose.. I may use that! hee hee..
    Does your yarn have it's own room yet? ;-)


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