Monday, August 10, 2009

and away we went (again!)

Well, last week was a whirlwind week (I should be used to those by now!). I had three interviews up north so we went to stay with my parents for most of last week. We're starting to run out of time and reality is beginning to seep in. I've been focusing more on preschool positions. Chances are slim of me landing an elementary position now but who knows. I've also started looking into tutoring positions and even some nanny positions! I'm okay with the possibility of NOT being in an elementary classroom for the upcoming school year. As long as we're out of Los Angeles, I don't think it really matters. As far as the interviews went...things aren't lookin' too good. The first place was an amazing nonprofit, great facility BUT, the pay? I'd be scraping by. The interview went well and I was supposed to call and schedule a try-out but haven't done so yet because I don't know if it's worth it..The next interview was with another preschool but it seemed much more demanding than the first one. Better pay but not worth it. I also left this interview with the ability to schedule a try-out and have yet to do it because the director kept saying how she wasn't sure that I'd be able to commit to her school because she didn't think I'd still be around if some elementary school/private school came knocking on my door and I said that if I was happy there, I wouldn't need to leave. I also told her that I could commit to two years at her site but apparently my words mean nothing. She was the kind of person who whatever you said to her, she'd turn around, twist it, and use it against you. Who needs that? One of her site directors called me on Friday to schedule a working interview. I told her that I wasn't sure about working there after all. On Friday, I had my last interview for the week. It was for an elementary position at an actual district school! It ended up being a panel interview--which are never my favorite. The ladies were all awfully nice, the location is a possible place where we may relocate..all dependent on whether or not there's a job there though! They'll let me know on Friday whether it's mine or not. Nothing lined up for this week (so far) but we'll see...
fanning her wet toenails.
ta da! (she picked out the colors by the way!)
not only did she get a mani/pedi..she got a free breakfast. ;) and in the background, you can see a nearly finished pinkie!
Aside from all the job hunting, there was hanging out with the monkey and the local airshow where the blue angels performed. It was the first time my husband (still getting used to typing that!) got to see them. And it was the first time for the lil monkey as well. These shots were taken yesterday, the last day of the airshow. On Saturday, the monkey was a bit more freaked out. I showed her how to cover her ears when the jets got too loud for her. She still spent a majority of the time running to me for cover! Here she is, being a lil cheeseball. She saw me with the camera and said, "Cheese!!" There was of course knitting while we were away. Pinkie is now complete..she just needs a bath. With pinkie off my needles, I was able to refocus on my sister's something blue. Here's the monkey modeling it.I finished the back and am onto the first sleeve. I would've been done with the first sleeve before coming back home but I didn't pack extra yarn. I'm hoping to finish it before we move though because I don't want to have to mail it to my sister! I was able to get some completed shots of my ishbel. It is SO amazingly soft! Oh, when I finished pinkie, I let the monkey run around with it and she was using it in whatever game she was playing. It was cute. Made me realize that I need to make her a shawl of her own to play with and cram into her purse.
I received some yarn before we left too! Here's more Three Irish Girls!
This is key lime. :)
Next post will include the email my sister received from the stupid woman that was supposed to do our flowers!


  1. Interviewing is really tough - keep your chin up! I have my fingers crossed you will find something you like soon.

    Very pretty Ishbel - and gorgeous yarn!

  2. I know it'll all work out for you. The third interview you talked about sounds promising... be sure to blog right away if you get it!!
    Today I just mailed out a packet with an application for being a sub here on post. The application is only available like 2x a year for like a week at a time. And it takes like 2 months to hear back from them. So I figure if I start now I might be able to sub when I graduate. Plus if I'm hired on as a sub, if my facilitating teacher is out I can be her sub and get paid a day here and there!!
    Glad you are happily married :)

  3. I'm sure something (the right one)will turn up for you. You'll see it will be worth waiting for :)

    All of your knitting looks wonderful!!

  4. Great pictures! Love the pink and blue toes.

    Keylime colorway is yummy. I love that color.

    Great projects! Ishbel is nice! Love the color you used!


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