Wednesday, April 7, 2010

brief moment of happiness (til reality sucked me back in)

Well, for the first time(possibly ever) I went to bed feeling happy. I had just read a bit of Eat, Pray, Love. I am trucking along on finally completing it (since this is the last time I can renew it!). I got distracted the last oh forty days trying to finish up those ufo's and now I can refocus on reading. Last night, Elizabeth spoke to me about gratitude and prayers. Both of which I have been thinking a lot about for the past forty days too. I've been journaling for the past forty plus days about gratitude and prayers. In fact, it was this very book and The Help that got me to start journaling about both. Basically, Elizabeth said that everyday you should be grateful for something (which I am. more than a few somethings in fact). In regard to prayer, she said if you're going to be sending up prayers, they ought to be specific and that the person we're praying to, doesn't do it all on his or her own. We need to help out a bit as well.
A few hours after the start to my deep sleep, I was awoken by my brother. The paramedics were at our door. My dad had fallen in the bathroom. He came to but fell again when he got out of the bathroom. Apparently my mom was yelling for me to call 911. I didn't hear a sound but my brother did so he called and they came within minutes. My dad was admitted and they're going to keep him another night for observation (according to what he told my sister). We're going to go visit him in a little while. So far all the tests have come back clean (MRI and CAT scan) so we're not sure what might've caused the fall. Luckily he didn't get hurt or suffer a concussion.
When my brother came to our bedroom door, I thought the ambulance was there for my hubby and that I had just slept through whatever was wrong with him. He had caught whatever sickness my mom had been harboring for the last week or so. It hit him hard last night.  I was worried because his immune system has already been compromised and I wasn't sure how it would combat this new attack. I didn't know if he'd be able to sleep through the night. He said he didn't. He was awake when everything was going down but he didn't hear any of what was going on outside our door.


  1. Oh my! My prayers are will you and yours, bless you.

  2. Oh no! My thoughts are with you & your family. I hope your dad is okay.

    Glad to hear you had some peace of mind for a bit. I definitely have to read that book.

  3. That is awful! I'm glad your husband is okay, and hope your dad is better soon!

  4. Thank you for stopping by, fellow PEAR. I'm sorry for your troubles. It can be very distressing. My dad became ill two years ago and passed away 3 months later. Last year my mom broke her ankle severely right at the beginning of summer. Now, my father-in-law was in the hospital with pneumonia. It can be very frightening....and I still miss my dad. My world changed forever. I, too, have read Eat Pray Love and many other books that talk about gratitude. It is so important. I hope that you find strength during this difficult time.


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