Saturday, April 24, 2010

yesterday was my lucky day!

Wow..who knew that yesterday was going to be so good! It didn't start out too grand but by early evening things were definitely beginning to look up in our sad little life! News on my car? Not so wonderful. Here's what was going on-the brake light and an EPC light were on in my dashboard not to mention the car kept beeping while it was being driven. Our guy couldn't figure out what it was which is why we had to bring it to the dealership and spend an unbelievable amount of money just to do a diagnostic test. It turns out battery acid from my old battery (which we replaced in February of this year) had leaked screwing up the electrical system basically. We took my car back to our guy who is going to take care of it.
While waiting for my car to be ready, I tried to do a bit of blog reading (still behind by the way!) and I learned that Rachel from Bmore Crafty had nominated me for an award. Thank you so much-this was definitely the start to my lucky day! I will be posting my list of things that make me happy soon. Thanks again. :)
The next great thing is we received a call from the apartment complex we looked at last month. My husband already booked us a meeting where we have to provide all of our bank statements, check stubs, etc. for Monday morning. I can't even fathom the idea of having our own space again. He immediately gave the dept. store he used to work at a call to see if they needed anybody (because he wants to ensure we get out of here pronto) and he was told to call back over the weekend.
Next wonderful thing is after having waited what seemed like forever to be put back on the Sock Yarnista Club/Stash Menagerie Club over at Three Irish Girls, I received an email telling me my wait was over. :)
I am so very grateful for all of these wonderful things that happened yesterday!


  1. Sounds like a better day!

    Hope you get that apartment! Your own space sounds like it would be nice again!

  2. Finally! I'd love for you to get a job, but the apartment is great for now. Congrats!


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