Friday, April 23, 2010

friday morning

When did I last post?? Sorry for that. It's been a tiring week. My poor car isn't acting like herself. She was at the shop Monday-yesterday and our guy couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with her. SO, I had to cave and bring her into the dealership this morning (just for a diagnostic test though). We'll see what the verdict is.
Wednesday was my interview. Did I mention beforehand that it was two hours away from here?? The school is off of Highway 1. It's a very small school. I was interviewed by a panel made up of adults and two older students. It was all right. I've sort of gotten used to the interview process. We liked the school but I am very weary of its location. Everything around there runs only on generators. There's no cell phone service (we got lost and couldn't EVEN call to find out where exactly the school was). It's in the middle of nowhere. I didn't like that should an emergency occur, the closest hospital or whatever is at least an hour away. With my husband being sick, I can't have that.
I received a couple of callbacks (finally!) regarding some tutoring positions I applied to recently. Next week I have to endure a 4 hour info session for one of them. I'm just glad things are finally beginning to pan out a bit.
I finally took some pics of what I've been working on. I've even cast on for something new as it had dawned on me last weekend that my ex-teaching partner's bday is next Monday! She is a fellow knitter and last year I knitted up the butternut scarf for her. This year I went with damson.
Though I'm not so sure I'll have enough yarn. I'm still working on the garter stitch part and I just may shorten that to make sure I have enough yarn. We'll see.
Here's my long awaited cozy cardi. She's currently on hold until I figure out what I want to do. The ribbing for the front placket wasn't knitting up as desired so I ripped back.
Here's a glimpse of purple haze. Though I am not at liberty to show you what she is becoming.
Though I can say. Wow! I need to purchase a skein of this yarn for myself. It is from Tess' Designer Yarn. Melinda is an absolute peach..and talk about a genius with color!
And here's my citron.
My sister is coming into town this weekend so I'll get to take a better posed shot of it while she's here. :) And maybe I'll finish up she can pose with that. HA.
I may be casting on for another new project in the next day or so too. The 'itch' has returned it seems. :) When I was selecting yarn for my ex-teaching partner's shawl, I had narrowed it down to two different colorways. I kind of want to cast on for something with the one that didn't get chosen. We'll see. I also want to cast on for the olatz shawl. I guess it's going to be another year of shawls..


  1. Love your citron! Can't wait to see the model shots. I'm liking your Damson, too. I loved knitting mine and I wear it quite a bit. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Looks like you have been keeping busy despite your troubles....lots of wonderful projects. Good luck with job search. Hope your Dad and hubby are doing better.

  3. I ran out of yarn doing Damson as well, so did a sort feather and fan edge, it's in my projects on Rav, works really well and I get lots of compliments.

    Love that purple haze, BTW

  4. Good luck! I hope you find the right job, somewhere with cell phone access!

  5. That color of your Citron is just stunning.

    That's crazy about the town that the school is in. No cell service and a hospital at least an hour away...!? That's just crazy.

    I hope you get a job soon!


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