Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter (those of you that celebrate it!). I received this darling Easter card and this cute bunny from one of my rav pen pals in Australia!
There was some Easter egg dying with the monkey yesterday too.
And today, both she and her mom came over for an indoor/outdoor egg hunt! Though I didn't get any pictures because it was such a drab day.
I have been quietly working away on citron. It seems as though having given up starting new projects for Lent has turned me into a one-track-minded knitter which basically means that I can only work on one project at a time. I keep having an inkling of wanting to cast on for my cozy bolero since I now have the correct needles but I want to finish citron. Wonder how long this will last.
In non-knitting news, a few days ago, I decided that I wanted to make a lil pillow for the monkey. We had this fabric leftover from some draperies my husband had done for a custom order.
So I hand-sewed it into this.
It's been stuffed and sealed shut but it has yet to have a pillow cover made-that's the hubby's job. lol. The monkey and I studied my sewing machine when she was here on Thursday and she couldn't wait for her lil pillow to be complete. Hopefully in the next few days. While we were out selecting fabric and trim for her pillow, I inquired about the sewing classes that are held at our local Beverly Fabrics and they're pretty cheap. I'm going to have to hint to someone to get me a set of classes for my birthday. ;)


  1. Fun times with cutie pie! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Easter to you too. Looks like fun was had.

  3. Great pillow case!

    Love the Easter eggs, they're so colorful! We had an egg hunt yesterday for the kids.

    A sewing class would be so much fun!!



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