Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today, we took my sister to the airport to fly to her new home. The hubs and I were scheduled to take her and the monkey requested that she come along! One of the conversations I heard in the backseat was this:
Monkey: Do you have a playground at your new house?
My sister: I don't think so..
It was cute. We have a couple of playgrounds within our complex and the last apt. complex the monkey lived in also had a playground so for her, they're a common thing to have! She wants so badly to go to my sister's house. She's quite the explorer. We told her there were LOTS of other places to go though like the zoo!
Before we left for the airport, I managed to get a few shots (finally!) of my aeolian shawl. :)
 My sister wanted the monkey to be the model instead!
After we dropped my sister off at the airport and we had a quick bite to eat..and swing by our local Sonic (just in time for happy hour!), we went to my school. Here are a couple of shots of my classroom.
 The monkey was quite at home. She even did some painting at the easel. :)
Originally this was supposed to be me. Once she finished it, I asked, "Where's my hair?" To which she responded with, That's ___(my husband). It was so cute. Oh and the dot in the middle is his belly button. LOL!
Next to him is his plan (don't know what that means!). Then she decided to paint me.
 And I overheard her say, "lots of hair."
So this is me with my plan. The final painting was of her.
And she's smiling. :) Gotta love it!
My kids have slowly been improving. Yesterday was a pretty decent day aside from a few mishaps. They'll be whipped into shape soon enough-I hope! Tomorrow, I need to lesson plan and maybe I'll try to get some knitting in. During the drive to the airport, I attempted to work on my alhambra scarf but something happened. I had to rip back a few rows but am now back on the right track. It's been SO long since I've worked on anything (only a couple weeks I think!) that I actually forgot how to do an SSK. The horror.

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  1. Very cute painting the Moneky did. Kids ask the funniest questions sometimes. Sean loves the playground too - we luckily have a swing set now in our backyard and we live in a circle that has a slide/sandbox thing too. And there's a park up the street too.

    LOVE your aeolian shawl! Great job!


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