Saturday, August 21, 2010

it doesn't get any worse than this

SO, I've been living rather drama-free for the past few weeks and yesterday, I was the happiest I've ever been in a long time. I have a job at a school I like and I like my coworkers. WELL, last night my sister was supposed to spend the night over here because we were going to be the ones driving her to the airport. Her parents don't do that kind of thing. Prime example? The first year I moved to LA, I had to go pick her up for Thanksgiving. Do you know where she was living? Try the San Francisco Bay Area which is 2 hours north of where her parents live and about FIVE LONG hours away from LA!
Anyway, she calls me and is crying. Apparently, her aunt who is visiting from the Philippines said to her, "Who is more important?" So they wanted her to choose. Her stupid instigator of a father said that HE would drive her to the airport. Do you know this man hasn't driven on the freeway for lord knows how long and now all of a sudden he's willing to do (though he'll bitch and moan about it while he's in the middle of it)? My poor, poor sister. I told her I didn't know what she should do. I also said that she hadn't even gotten to spend any time with me and that's what she told those good for nothings. Then she said, "Why can't we just go to the airport in separate cars, etc" She made plans with my husband and made sure her flight was at a time that would work for us and all of a sudden they wanted her to abandon her earlier commitments. I just told her that I couldn't believe they were doing this and how supposedly that was the LAST thing they would ever try to do--put my sister and I against each other. Had she decided to go with them out of guilt, I wouldn't hold it against her. I am not that way. I also went on to say that these are people who the second she does something that they don't approve of, they will turn her back on her and to use me as an example. I pretty much left it up to her because it really wasn't my decision to make but I was livid that they even had the audacity to do this to her.
She called back and said that her mother was going to drop her off over here and I said no. My SIL was kind enough to offer to pick her up instead. I don't want that woman anywhere near here.
Once my sister got here, she said that her mother said that it wasn't her that wanted this, it was her father. Does it really matter anymore at this point? I don't know what my sister said to them or anything but I'm so disgusted by their actions.
My sister's aunt had sent my husband and I a wedding present. While I was on the phone with my sister, I threw the gift in the trash. Then I asked the hubs to throw it into the street because I didn't want that thing in this house. When my SIL left to go pick up my sister, I just started bawling. The first thing out of my mouth was how I wished my husband's mom was here so I could talk to her and that I missed her.  Before going to bed I decided that this must be what God wants-to get all the evil out of our lives and to make sure I remember why it needs to stays out.


  1. Hi chica, sorry you are having a such a rough time with all the drama. Just remember - you are doing what is right for you, and that's all that matters. Hugs!

  2. So sorry for the drama. Just view this as an excellent reminder of why you have removed them from your life.

  3. Definitely keep evil out!

    Sorry to hear about all this drama! Hope everything gets better from here on out. Glad to hear that you've been having a few nice & peaceful weeks since moving out! Bliss!


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