Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my last day of summer

Wow, this day was sure a long time coming! Who knew I would be granted an extended summer-one that will officially (and finally) end as of tomorrow 9:00AM. I took a day off from going into the school today-though I wish I had gone in, even if only for an hour. I think I'll have time after our in-service to work on stuff. We will have some of Friday and for sure I'll be stopping by for a little bit on Saturday.
Well, while my sister was in town, I had her model the last three shawls I've completed. She's due back next week so I'll get a shot of her posing with my red velvet too. I have yet to steam block that thing! So without further ado, I present to you modeled shots of my citron,
dame damson, and
I still have goldie on the needles. It's been slow goings. Currently on my desk, I have two skeins of yarn that are possibly going to be turned into Andrea's Shawl but I'm still on the fence about whether or not those two skeins are going to be "the one."
Okay off to finish dinner!


  1. love them all! seeing your citron really makes me want to start mine!

  2. Loving all of them! Wow, I want the pattern for Clotilde...

  3. Gorgeous shawls!

    Good luck back to school!

    Can't believe it's August already!


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