Saturday, August 7, 2010

here comes another one!

Pretty much every day of this week I have been at school trying to get my room ready before school starts in a couple of weeks. The gal who had my classroom before me just recently let me know (before we left to go to LA) that she had cleared out her stuff from the room two weeks before. It would have been nice to have found this news out oh, I dunno..two weeks ago but whatever. I went into school on Tuesday (maybe Wednesday?) and proceeded to clean all the crap that she left me OUT. She so graciously 'left' me stuff that she thought I might use. The hubs came with me one day and now that my sister has been in town, we spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to make a dent in the clean-up and organization of my classroom. It is slowly coming together. I was going to go in today, but ended up staying home.
We went to see my sister at the marathon in town. We ended up missing her cross the finish line. :( Her parents were there. The hubs and I saw them from afar and the feeling I got when I saw them, was the feeling you get when you run into an ex-boyfriend who you've just broken up with (or vice versa) a few days after the relationship ended. It was that same disgust. They ended up leaving so we hung out with my sister. Since she was a participant, she got free beer (just one serving) and free wine tasting! The race ended at Pessagno Winery. We got to sample four different wines. By the fourth bottle that we sampled, my eyes were spinning!
Last night we went over to my boss's and teaching partner's house to meet with their neighbors because the husband of the pair had the same ailments as the hubs. It was really nice to speak to people who have been to the other side and made it through what we are dealing with right now.
When we were in LA, I had two goals-go here and go here. Well, we succeeded with the first destination!
The truck
The options:
Our selections:
On the left is my selection-strawberry and candied jalapeno gelato with chocolate chip cookies and on the right is my sister's selection-red velvet gelato with snickerdoodles. I absolutely loved my selection. My sister, not so much. She wanted to get the chocolate cookie with the red velvet but they were out. They suggested the snickerdoodle and she's not really a fan. Needless to say, the reality didn't live up to the hype for her. Oh well.
As for our second destination, we arrived and saw a big CLOSED sign because of this. So no cupcakes for us while we were in LA. Sigh..
Since I've been so busy with trying to get my classroom ready I haven't been reading or answering letters but I have been knitting! I was determined to get my breaker breaker socks completed and knitted like mad while we were in LA (as I was catching up on Entourage and The Tudors!). They are now currently blocking. :)
Some new yarn has arrived here too from Three Irish Girls. :) This is Giselle who just arrived this morning.
And this is Odette who arrived the day we left for LA.
I already want to wind Giselle for a project but I haven't one in mind yet. She'll probably become another shawl for me but I've gotta find one that only requires 370 yards of yarn.
All right..must be off. I'm supposed to be working on my welcome letter to my students!!


  1. wow!! I really want one of those ice cream sandwiches!!!

    Sorry I haven't mailed your letter yet, promise I will get working on it ASAP!!

  2. GREAT stash enhancement.

    Love the size of that gelato. Looks sooooo yummy!

  3. Busy, busy, busy. Love the yarns and their colours. Good luck with the new school year.

  4. We drove through LA recently and missed most of everything! (Made it to Diddy Riese, though, which I don't think can be beat on the cookie/ice cream front!) I've been to Magnolia in NYC and wasn't that impressed - the place I want to visit in LA is called something like Lady Jane bakery. I've seen her on many shows. Anyway, thanks for the delicious photo!


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