Sunday, November 7, 2010

rainy sunday

I've been knitting like mad to get my andrea's shawl finished. I started the striping the other night and found myself rather unhappy with the contrasting color I had pre-selected.
Isn't she pretty??
As I continued to knit, I thought how I should've used the contrasting color as the main color instead but I did not want to have to rip back ALL that work (remember all the suffering I had to endure just to get this far??)
It was late at night so I had to use flash which totally washed out the sundara making it darker than it really was. The contrasting color is more of a yellowy green. So back to the drawing board I went late Friday night. I decided that the contrasting color needed to be a warmer shade and the one I was working with was too cool. I took a look into my leftover yarn bin and hit the jackpot. Here's how my andrea began to look yesterday morning after some stash diving. :)
The yellow stripes are actual a sample of cashprose from Perfect Day Yarns that Sarah sent eons ago. I don't know what the colorway is but after I did these two stripes, I really wished that I had had some more.
The next set of stripes (brown) are from some leftover sundara sock in sand castles which I used for the hubs' breaker break socks.
The pièce de résistance of striping is from my leftover chuckanut drive from HazelKnits. I am absolutely loving how this leftover skein looks against the main color. :) I was sort of doing a mathematical increase but I just couldn't stop with the chuckanut. Not sure what I'm going to use next after I use it all up. It's going to be a toss-up between my leftover sweet potato
or my leftover rhubarb
Decisions, decisions.
I knitted a teeny bit on my girly last night.
I have a feeling I may wrap up my andrea shawl-which I'm now calling a lil bit o' everythang because I'm decreasing with every right side row while with girly, I'm increasing. We'll see.
I talked to my sister last night and found out that she is in dire need of some hats, mittens/gloves, etc. I've got a little box of stuff that I've been meaning to send her way but I just haven't taken the time to get it all set. Yesterday, the hubs and I went through some more stuff and I think I'm going to mail her out my super cupcake set and I'm going to try to whip up some mittens. Oh, and I get to make her a ski mask!!!! lol. I also learned that the knitted socks I gave to her some time ago (cos they were fitting me too big) are getting a lot of usage because she uses them to sleep in. :) I'm going to have to whip up her own pair of socks while she's here. I'm thinking come next winter, she's going to be a bit more discriminatory about what she wears in regards to hats/mittens/etc. so I have it easy right now.
I have a short week of school this week. We have Thursday and Friday off! :) I'm going to spend both days catching up on reading/letters/knitting/tidying up around here! Oh, and I'm going to be sleeping!!


  1. That's a great idea to keep switching yarns for the stripes on Andrea's Shawl! I like it!

    Oh Hazel Knits yarn. SOOOO delicious ;)

    That is so nice of you to send your sister out your cupcake set. Will you re-knit yourself a set?

  2. I love the blue yarn in your Andrea shawl. So pretty! Also, I'm super jealous of you having Thursday and Friday off. Our kids have it off too, but we have parent/teacher conferences both days. At least we get done by 12 on Friday and are having lunch and breakfast sponsored by our PTO. Enjoy your time off!

  3. Very pretty...I love the multicolor stripes :)

    happy knitting :)

  4. Agh, there is so much gorgeousness going on in this post!! Stash diving totally paid off - the mix of colors you picked for the Andrea shawl is so pretty. I have trouble committing to triangular shawls as the rows just get longer and looonger. Hope you enjoyed the time off! :)


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