Wednesday, November 24, 2010

whole lotta knitting goin' on

Please forgive the utter silence that has been my blog over the last couple of weeks. I have been busy preparing for the Harvest Feast which came and went last Friday and then I needed to get my butt in gear and finish both girly and lil' bit o' everythang because once I finish those two, I will be one shawl away from 10 completed shawls in 2010. Talk about a major accomplishment for me. I didn't set out trying to meet this goal but in the back of my mind, I did want to be able to say at the end of the year that I made 10 shawls this year. :)
I unfortunately have no snapshots to share from the Harvest Feast. I brought my camera but the hubs noticed it wouldn't turn on! Then I remembered I had charged the batter but had yet to pop the sucker back in. Oh well. It was beyond adorable. I partnered up with another teacher whose Harvest theme was trees (and mine was leaves!) and we just had the kids sing two songs. One song about apples on a tree (we shortened it to a mere 5 apples rather than the standard 10) and then we sang a song about autumn leaves to the tune of "London Bridge." The cute part was one of the movements the kids were doing! I at least have a mental picture of one of my lil ones doing the motions for 'roll around.' lol. 
Next year, I will hold onto all the art that the kids created (rather than just send it home) because I didn't know we were supposed to display stuff! Oh well. Rookie mistake. So all I have to show are these leaves, I had the kids make. We had gone on a leaf walk and when we came back, they crushed the leaves with their hands and glued them onto these paper leaves. We waited until they dried before they cut them out.
Please excuse the busy background. We had just returned from the Harvest Feast and my bed was the first place I thought of to take these pictures!
Now for the knitting shots you're waiting for. I present to you, girly (who if you ask me is absolutely stunning). She cleans up quite nicely!
I honestly didn't think she'd turn out this well. I can't wait to show her off!! I will work on getting a modeled shot during this long weekend. If I can't pull it off, you all will have to wait until my sister gets back in town which will be in December!
And now, here is lil bit o' everythang.
And here is the newbie, the grand finale of 2010, daybreak.

I've got a bit of a ways to go but I think I should be finished with it before the year is up. Then I have knitting to do for others..mittens, hats, etc.
I have also completed two books while I've been away! I finished Heart of the Matter which I ended up liking once I got past the first 300 pages (I had the large type version which had 538 pages total!). The other night I finished The Carrie Diaries which I also ended up liking once I got more into it. The ending left me wanting more! So I'm hoping the author is working on another book to follow up this one. Late last night I began reading This Must be The Place but fell asleep so I didn't read much of it.
Tomorrow, the hubs and I will be feasting with my boss and her husband (who I teach with). We have been given the job of making hors d'ouevres (since the hubs insists on bringing something edible) so who knows what we will end up making.
We are back in the throes of medical/financial issues. Let's just say we paid what we owed when we first began dealing with this garbage last month and then they decided to bill us again (for the same amount we already paid) so we're out $221. Not sure if we'll be able to go take care of this today (I always forget the hubs has class on Wednesday afternoons!) so hopefully on Friday we can get this resolved. Sigh.


  1. Gorgeous shawls! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow! You've been busy! Happy Thanksgiving! (P.S. The shawls look fabulous!)

  3. I've totally done that too - either forgot my battery at home for my camera (which is why I now have 2 batteries for it) or left my memory card in the card reader at home - the slot is built into my PC (which is why I also now have 2 cards and one stays in my wallet).

    GORGEOUS shawls girl! You're on a roll! Awesome! Can't wait to see Daybreak done. The other two finished ones are gorgeous!

    You paid twice for the same bill? Did you owe them that or they accidentally billed you twice? Can you get back that money?

    How'd you end up with a large print copy of Heart of the Matter? Library?


  4. All of your shawls are gorgeous...but you are right..."girly" is stunning! I love the edge, looks almost like a ruffle. I love it :)


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