Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Woman on a Mission

I have been knitting like mad to get my daybreak completed so that I can take a break from knitting and get caught up on some letter writing. I'm caught up on nearly everything else but that! Never mind all the upcoming holiday stuff like cards/presents. lol. Not quite sure what we're doing for those but I do need to scrounge up some money for postage for cards at least!
I am up to the border on my daybreak but the following pictures don't show that. I think I was up to about 13 stripes for each color when I took these pictures yesterday.
Here's a close-up of the striping.
A better shot of one of the 'wings.'
Just another close-up!
I got to the border very late last night (I even screwed up the start of the second row of it and had to rip back!) while I was watching a movie called Lovely, Still which was really good but also very sad. All the while I have been trying to come up with a clever name for my daybreak but nothing is fitting. The blue reminds me of denim and the pink sort of makes me think of bubble gum so for a bit I thought bazooka might've been a good name. Still on the fence. She might make it to the end without a special name at all. Oh well. Life will go on still.


  1. Daybreak is looking AWESOME girl! Bazooka is a cute name!

    I've never heard of that movie, will have too look into it!

    Thanks for the reminder. Must get on my letter writing too.

  2. Your day break is beautiful. Love the colors. I think bazooka would be an awesome name :)

  3. your daybreak is gorgeous! every time i see one, i bump it a little higher in the mental queue.

    can you believe that the holiday season is upon us already? i am not ready, at all... and in denial until further notice. ;)


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