Friday, December 31, 2010

in recovery

Christmas came and went and seemed to swallow me up whole. It didn't end when I realized (days later!) that I was suffering a horrible bladder infection the day after Christmas. I spent the entire day in bed-unable to move and fearful of the next time I was going to cough or sneeze or what have you. This was my first time having a bladder infection and I don't wish it upon anyone (so I say now!).
During my bed rest, I was afraid to close my eyes during all the tv movies I was watching for fear that I wouldn't wake up! We didn't go to the ER or even to see a doctor because the next day, I was actually feeling better.
I am guessing since I was doing such a horrible job of taking care of myself these last few weeks, that eventually something was going to catch up with me--something bad! I had lost my voice earlier in the month, then I had a dry cough which sort of lingered. You'd think that I would've increased my liquid intake but I did no such thing. Then the DAY before Christmas, I had a cold and couldn't taste anything and I still had a cough which had sort of worsened. My body was seeking revenge against me and therefore, late Christmas night what I thought was just too much crap was possibly the onset of my bladder infection. It wasn't until Wednesday that I sort of started feeling like myself again.
So while I have been gone, there have been a couple of finishes, another trip to Christmas in the Park, and lots of baking!
I finished the beret for my SIL. I ended up frogging the one for my sister. When I went back to work on it, I noticed all the errors I had made with the cables and I just kept picturing her wearing it and it wasn't flattering. I have since cast on for a new hat using the same yarn.
I finished the hub's face mask which is super duper warm. I finally gave it to him yesterday!
My sister and I went up to San Jose to go pick up my friend who was flying in from Portland. Before we left, I had suggested that we go check out Christmas in the Park (but only if my friend was going to be okay with it!). We ended up taking the monkey and my SIL with us so it was inevitable that we were going to end up at Christmas in the Park!
Even though you don't get to see all the Christmas lights during the daytime, there are SO many things to see like this countdown clock! In all the times I had been, I had yet to notice it!
There was less people and we were better able to take pictures of things. Not to mention the lighting was SO much better during the daytime!
I liked the ornaments on this particular tree. I took a pic so that next year, my assistant and I can try to make these cork reindeer with our kids!
Me as a tree!
The monkey sneaking on Santa's sleigh..
And my goofy sister as a snowman.
And now for the few baking shots I have..
 Here are the strawberry poinsettia cookies I attempted to make.
The still unfrosted butter cookies I made..and I didn't manage to get a shot of the spice cookies I made. My sister came over LATE on Christmas Eve and the girl baked until about 2:30 in the morning. I don't know how she did it! 
Christmas was nice. We ended up just staying in. We had waffles for our first Christmas in our apartment. This Christmas was one where new traditions can begin. I think butter cookies will be a continued tradition as will the waffles. We ended up opening our Christmas gifts later in the day too so that just might be another new tradition..we'll just have to see.


  1. Merry Christmas! I love the face mask hat. I made two last year and they are great when the boys go out playing in the snow or snow blowing.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Bladder infections are no fun at all!

  3. That's awful about your infection, but glad it didn't totally spoil your Christmas. Sounds like it was wonderful. Those poinsettia cookies look very interesting. Love your hats. My boys should have masks like that with all the cold weather we've been having (except for today).

    Hope 2011 will bring you much joy and happiness :)

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon! I had a UTI while pregnant and I don't wish those upon anyone either. I can only imagine a bladder infection.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas regardless of not feeling well.

    Great Beret for your SIL! Interesting ski mask! Crazy!!

    Those cookies are making me hungry!

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Love the beret! Christmas in the Park looks pretty cool too.


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