Thursday, December 9, 2010

more busy

It feels like forever since I last posted! I had intended to post over the weekend but didn't get around to it. Then I intended when to catch up on my sick day that I took this past Tuesday but time just got away from me.
On Saturday, my boss had given the hubs and I tickets to see the symphony.  Wow. Hard to believe those kids are basically half my age. Such talent!
This was my favorite sight at the venue..aside from watching the harpist!
After the symphony, we went to hang out with my BFF and her daughter. We went to Christmas in the Park but since I forgot my camera (and didn't want to rely on cell phone pics!) I figured maybe I'd try to visit her again this coming Saturday and we could go during the daytime (especially since her lil one fell ASLEEP as soon as we got there-we woke her up though!). SO should I follow through and go like I intend to, I will have my camera in tow and will be able to take some pictures of my own. It's a really cool display.
I lost my voice, had a horrible annoying cough, and got very little sleep Monday night so I stayed home on Tuesday. I got lots of knitting done. I had sort of thought I'd go on a knitting hiatus at least until next Friday (last day of school) but that didn't happen! I started and completed two calorimetries.
Both of which are for my sister She mentioned wanting to buy ear warmers and I said I could just make her some.
I finally took a blocked picture of my daybreak.
 The picture doesn't really do it that much justice. Thank goodness my sister is in town again so I can take modeled shots of all my latest finished shawls. :)
I cast on for some mitts for myself.

These are the lovisa armwarmers. I'm nearly finished with the second one. I'm on the fence about blocking them since they're knit in alpaca. I may finally cast on for a pair of endpaper mitts while I'm on break too. :) I'm in the mood to do some stranded knitting. :D There will also be a fresh new pair of socks in my knitting agenda. My sister actually requested some! I gave her a pair of socks I had made for myself and she wears them to sleep. I told her the next pair will be made specifically for her. I wanted to cast on for some mittens but then she told me she can't do much with mittens. Then I mentioned I was going to just make her some fingerless mitts with a muffin top. We'll see. She has lots of patterns to go through while she's here--in between working and all!
Only one more week of school. This week has been the slowest one yet-and I was out sick for a day. You'd think that would make time speed up. HA.


  1. Everything looks lovely! The colorway really worked up a very nice calorimetry. I like that up nice and fast. have a great weekend :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better! The countdown is on for Christmas break! Woo-hoo!

  3. I wish I had a sister like you - to knit me up stuff (even though I knit myself). The symphony looks like a lot of fun! They do look really young! How old do you think they actually were?

    Great knitting projects!


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