Monday, February 21, 2011

movin' along

Though I have been dealing with bouts of lack of inspiration, I still decided to cast on for some new projects. I tried working on my second sock the other night but wasn't interested so it's set aside for now. I had intended to finish it this month too and kind of gear myself towards getting a shawl and a pair of socks done each month. HA. I forgot about lack of motivation.
Without further ado, I present to you, pea soup:
I'm worried that it may end up being a bit too small since I'm using malabrigo lace. Not sure how that happened. It was on a whim apparently. It is knitting up quite nicely though. If anything, I'll just add another section if need be.
Last night while watching reruns of Who's The Boss, I cast on for snow:
It is a slower knit but I know it is going to be gorgeous. Not qure sure if I'm going to keep it white. I have been entertaining the idea of dyeing it once it's completed. We'll see.
Amidst all this knitting, I have been busy drying rose petals. I called one of our local flower shops asking for leftover flowers-you know, the throwaways. Here's what they gave me:
The picture is horrid but you get the idea that I was bestowed about 2 dozen red and white roses. I didn't even want roses! The petals are being dried for a jewelry clay I intend to make with my Enrichment class once all the petals are dried enough. Then I realized that for my Mother's Day, my kids could do something like this too. We'll see how things turn out. I've made this tea leaf dough before but not with 20+ kids. I hope I have enough flower petals!


  1. What beautiful colors the flowers are! And I love love love that green!

  2. What kind of flowers were you hoping for from a flower shop? Maybe they had too many extra roses leftover from Valentine's Day??

    Great start on Pea Soup & Snow. Can't wait to see their progresses until done!

  3. Your green shawl is gorgeous...looks like a lime wedge! Beautiful roses for throwaways. You can enjoy them while waiting for them to dry out! Can't wait to hear more about the jewelry clay...very interesting :)

  4. i need to start a shawl for me.... love the green...ready for summer. 68 days and counting


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