Monday, March 7, 2011

my day in court

Can I tell you it felt like the longest day ever? I somehow ended up on a jury! I was shocked when my name was even called for the second group to leave the big room where all of us potential jurors were waiting. I didn't expect to be called. I guess that's what happens in small towns. They try to use as many of their potentials as possible. We are not due back in court tomorrow but I will have to return on Wednesday. The chairs are at least comfortable but after a while of listening to boring talk, they lose their appeal.

I didn't bring any knitting with me as the hubs checked online before I left (to see what the word was about the needles) and he said the website said no. Phooey. I stayed up to transfer my socks onto dpns and my shawl onto bamboos. Oh well. I didn't even bring my water bottle. We are at least allowed that (boy was my mouth getting dry!!). We can only have the plastic ones I think. At least we get an hour and a half for lunch. I just hope after Wednesday, my duty will have been served and I'll be good for another two years.

We are going to try to go down to the bank tomorrow (hub's only day off as far as I know) to see about qualifying for a home loan. My friend at work says if I want to get into a house by the end of April, we better get crackin'. :P Sigh..


  1. Ah...jury duty. I've served on it twice in the past 5 years. Each time I got picked to be on the jury and both times I was the foreman (I volunteered). The last time I was called, I was supposed to serve in the middle of the school year, so my principal wrote a letter to the courthouse requesting that they move my date to the summer so it wouldn't mess up my schedule with having to possibly get a substitute but not knowing until the day of, that sort of thing. There were a LOT of teachers there on my day when I went.

  2. On a jury...aren't you the lucky one ;) No knitting needles...on no!! I called my courthouse before i was supposed to go and they OK'd knitting needles....I was all set, but ended up getting canceled anyway. All that wait time needs to be put to good use :)

    Good plan to get ok'd for a mortgage first before you start looking...then when you find your house you can move quickly and you'll be in a better place to bargain :)

    Good luck on both counts :)

  3. When it rains it pours. It would be passable if you could knit through it all!

  4. Do you get paid to be on jury duty if you have to miss work? The one and only time I was summoned, I got out of it (I think I explained to you why before) but if you don't remember, message me, I'll tell you.

    That sucks that you cannot bring knitting! Did you bring a book to read? Can you bring crochet? Do you even crochet?


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