Thursday, March 24, 2011

on the up and up

As of yesterday, our living situation just got a lil bit brighter. My SIL and niece are moving out April 1st! Not too long ago we heard back from the office regarding our re-certification. We were told that if all three of us remained, we would no longer qualify for our current apt but if my SIL and her kid moved out, the hubs and I would still qualify without her. SO, he did some seed planting. I've just been waiting it out and sending up a prayer every now and again so I guess it was answered. The funny thing is I also learned that the house I've been eying went down in price (and is now more within our price range)! This has been a very busy week. I have been having conferences every day this week. We have been having minimum days so that we are able to conduct our conferences. The children are welcome to come and most of mine have. It has been funny though. It is interesting to see how the behavior changes when they're with a parent and their teacher! Some of them acted the same but wow wee! It was such a shock to see how shy some of them became.
I finished snow and somewhere down the line, I did a MAJOR, MAJOR screw up. But it's already blocked. Oh well. It is still pretty but the sizing is all wrong. It is blocking under my bed still so pictures probably over the weekend. I picked my my pea soup again and figure that I don't mind doing more pattern repeats than listed since I did decide to make it using laceweight. I figure I have two more pattern repeats and then it'll be at a decent length. I am itching to make a new pair of mitts. I printed up a bunch of different patterns and will probably cast on for at least one new pair this weekend.
Next week I will be getting observed by my director and the asst. director. The date kept getting postponed and now I have both of them watching me (just like they did when I first interviewed there). Talk about deja vu! I will be doing a Science activity which will be a two part thing. I figured I ought to do something fun. We will see how it goes.
All right off I go to catch up on some blogs!


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed everything works out in the housing dept. I'm sure you'll do fine when your superiors observe you. Good luck on both :)

    I'll send you all my orchid links far Miss Pink is still alive despite the fact my house is a little cold. Have a great weekend :)

  2. Oh yay, I am so glad that things are looking up for you in the housing area! :) Awesome. I sent you a letter a couple days ago ... finally lol!

  3. Fingers crossed on the house! You are so busy!

  4. I'm glad things may be changing for you.

  5. I'm really happy that things are going well. I hope your observation went exactly as you hoped (and I'm sure you did a fantastic job)!

  6. Hope everything works out for the apartment you have your eye on. That's good that they are moving out.

    Expect emails from my comments, I've finally got time to catch up. Expect me to catch up by tomorrow. Tomorrow is blog reading catch-up day. (Kids are in daycare again!)

    Can't wait to see the knitting projects!


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