Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, I was checking out a friend's blog and I saw that she had cool fonts on her blog so I had to see if I could have some cool fonts too! I also uploaded a pic I took myself. :) I wanted to try to upload some of the garden pics from my wedding a couple years ago but the files were a bit too big. Next time. I'll figure something out.
And now I present to you, the package my sister sent the hubs and I of some Chicago treats.
She made a batch of lavender rosemary shortbread after having gotten her hands on some lavender oil (finally!) and she sent some peanut butter and chocolate bars which I actually really really liked. She also sent some chocolate from the Blommer Chocolate store.
I was in need of a cup of tea and found some Yogi tea in Refreshing Mint and here's my 'fortune' 
Isn't that awesome? It was quite befitting for the day I received it which was Thursday night (when I last blogged!).
The final picture of day is progress on my pea soup:
I haven't touched it in a number of days. Let's see how much it will grow once I get two more pattern repeats completed.
We have had three separate rain storms hit us. I'm sick of the rain. Isn't sunshine supposed to accompany Spring too?


  1. Love that fortune. It is so true and I need to try to remember that as well.

  2. Your peasoup looks like it's really coming are so close to being finished. Lovely :)

    Like the font...looks like it was hand written, very cool :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  3. Wow... pea soup is fantastic looking! I love your cute fonts, I could never figure that out yet either hehe. This new background pic is looking great!

  4. Love the shawl!! Very cool fonts..didn't know you could do that!

  5. Lavender rosemary shortbread? Yum! And your shawl looks amazing. It's a great color. Can't wait to see more progress (when you have time to knit, of course).

  6. I hope you get sunshine soon!

    That is a really nice gift from your sister! I haven't gotten a care package in the mail in a while. Maybe one will come soon, if not maybe for my birthday in June some mail will come, hee hee.

    Someone I know's birthday is coming up soon, I think there might be something in the mail for her soon! Wink, wink!

    Love the color of pea soup. Can't wait to see progress on it.

    I'm behind on Kim's blog too... must catch up on hers too.


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