Saturday, March 12, 2011

no tsunamis here

We woke up yesterday morning to seeing the news guy talking about reverse 911 calls going out in Santa Cruz county and how if we were going to be affected, it would be at about 8:15 am. Fortunately, there wasn't any damage here because we are much more inland. But there was definitely damage in Santa Cruz, a LOT of damage. A couple of coworkers live out in Santa Cruz and two others live right off the coast as well but they all made it to work yesterday. Could this be only the beginning?
In other news, I finally finished the pair of socks I cast on for early last month.
They are SO comfortable. The yarn I used was a dream to work with too! I am on the third repeat of the first chart for snow.
The yarn is growing on me. At first it wasn't easy to work with but with time, it has increased in softness! I haven't touched my pea soup out of fear that it really is going to end up much smaller than I would like. Maybe I'll pick it up tonight and make the final decision.
Things at school are going well. I did reading centers for the very first time this year with my class, and it felt like heaven. I have 10 Kindergarteners that can read and the other 14 are still working on letter recognition. I haven't decided if this is going to become an everyday thing or not. We only really have time for it on Fridays but I will try to work it into the schedule now that there is an actual desire to learn to read! I also want to start journals soon. It is an exciting time. :)
On Wednesday, we decided the fate of the defendant in the trial I was a juror for. Though the judge booted us out of the courtroom before we could hear her ruling. I am curious to know what she decided! Oh well. I guess we weren't meant to find out.
It has been a looooooooooong week. I actually woke up yesterday (sans an alarm clock) thinking it was Saturday! Oh well. I had the best sleep! It was the first time in a long time that I've slept so well.
Okay, back to your regularly scheduled Saturday!


  1. Glad you weren't affected by the tsunamis. Very scary for the people who were affected. My prayers go out to them.

    Love your socks and glad snow is growing on you.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. So glad to hear that you all weren't affected by the tsunami after effects! That white shawl looks beautiful already!

  3. Glad to hear you weren't affected by the aftermath of the Tsunami. I've been watching a bit of what is going on in the news, and it's sad what this world has going on these days.

    So your jury duty is over? How many days of work did you miss out on in the end? Did you get any reading done since you couldn't knit?

  4. Hey I used the friends 30% discount coupon for Old Navy today! Saved a TON and got some summer clothes for the kids :)


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