Thursday, July 7, 2011

the beach

I am finally able to share some pics from the beach when the hubs and I went last week.
This was before we got to the beach part. Birds regularly frequent the beach we went to and this is part of their habitat.
 A dead crab we found.
 me, freezing.
These are the shells I found.
These are the shells I found the first time I went to this beach with my class (sans the sand dollar).
And here are some rocks I picked up.
a special treat was seeing these horses there!
see ya!


  1. The beach looks so peaceful & calm. Love the rocks & shells you found.

  2. Really beautiful! During the summer, we like to go to Chincoteague/Assateague Island, where they have a lovely beach, and of course, the wild ponies. Horses just look so natural on the beach, don't they? :) I hope you had a good time, despite the cold ;)


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