Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, I decided on the 4th of July that it's time for the hubs and I to move. Knowing that one day soon our rent is going to go up (a lot!), I started combing craigslist and yesterday we looked at a couple of places. We put in an app for one of them and we'll find out on Thursday what the next step will be. Ideally, we'd like to move into a little house but I didn't see any posted. The one we put in the app for is about $300 LESS than what we're paying now (granted it is also 2 rooms smaller..) but it will finally be a place that is ours and only ours. We saw a couple more today because I kept thinking how the one we put the app in for didn't have a closet! What's a girl to do without a bedroom closet??? We are probably going to put in one more app for one of the two we saw today. SO much storage space plus there's a carport that comes with storage! The ones we saw today totally reminded me of my last apt. when we lived in LA.
Tomorrow we are going to some meeting about first-time home buyers. The city where we live is part of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. When we last spoke with a mortgage loan specialist, he said we were close income-wise to be able to qualify for a loan. He had even been given a vague idea of what our debt-to-income ratio is and said we weren't too bad. From friends, we have heard that one should not get their hopes up on the first house you see because it will most likely get snatched up by someone who is purchasing with CASH. Sigh..if only. SO, we're thinking we can rent for a little bit longer until we're more ready to purchase our own house. The hubs and my sister are wanting us to get a dog but it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon. No pets (again). Speaking of no pets, there have been some exciting things happening with our walking sticks! I never did bring them back to school so they've become our permanent pets. We have lost a few since I first posted about them. We are down to 4 but that won't be for long because over the last couple of days, I have been investigating their bowl and researching on the internet. Guess what! Someone has laid some eggs.
I circled the eggs for you. Don't think the picture will get any bigger. Here is a better view (maybe?)
 To me they look like they have gold in between. I kind of liken them to little shimmery beads. If neither one of these pictures helps, there's also this link. Though these don't at all resemble the ones we've got. Not quite sure how many there are. I'm excited though. I was so worried that we weren't going to have any eggs. Now I just hope we don't have too many!
We spent our 4th of July with my now retired boss and her husband. No pics though. Lots of good food and some fireworks. :)
I had an interview today with Sylvan Learning Center. We got lost!  Fortunately, they were very forgiving and I think the interview went well. I am supposed to hear back either the end of this week or Monday of next week.
Now off to vacuum so I can start packing some of our stuff!


  1. I don't think I would have ever noticed those eggs. I have a salamander.

  2. The learning center interview - is that a job for the summer until school starts up again? Did you get it? Any news?

    I hope you get the apartment you want! Good idea to move to a less expensive place, what a good way to save money for a future home. ;)

    Hope you had a good July the 4th last week.

  3. We have not moved in 25 years. But I remember how much I dislike it. I feel for you. We are in the middle of cleaning out a bunch of stuff, however.After 25 years, we have so much junk ... better to thin it out now.


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