Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summer's nearly over

It's true. I can't even believe it. In less than a month, I will be back at school. It isn't as though I've stopped thinking about school while I've been on summer break though. The blog world is full of amazing teacher blogs  (that I have just discovered in the last few months) with tons and tons of freebies! I have also found lots of fun craft ideas to do with kids like this, this and this! And for grown-ups, there's this one! I really want to try the microwave playdough and the mason jar one!
I've spent the last couple of hours trying to catch up on blogs. You'd think that since I was on 'summer break' I would be caught up on blogs (far from it). I realized today that I spend much less time online during the summer than I do during the school year (or maybe it just feels like that!).
The hubs and I spent most of last week looking at apts. We were turned down for the first one. Now we're trying to limit how many we apply for because it's so costly (all the credit checks!) and it's going to make our scores go down (with all the inquiries!). It doesn't seem like we'll be moving out before the 1st as I had hoped but I guess only time will tell.
I've been knitting while I've been away and there's been some reading. I picked up the Ashley Judd memoir from the library on Sunday and I started it last night. I only knew about it because I happened to watch a few episodes of The Judds when it was on OWN. I haven't read very much of it.
 Here's the back of the hubs's vest.
 I finished the back Sunday night so here it is on him. lol! I cast on for the front yesterday but haven't gotten very far.
And here's my scarf that was started eons ago. I think it's about 50% complete.
I also cast on for a new shawl but am having a bit of trouble with it. Today I am trying to take a day off from the knitting to give my hands a rest. I am nearly caught up on all my mail. I think I've got three more left to answer. Then what will I do??


  1. Looks like your students are going to have some crafty fun this year :) My kiddos LOVE Kool-Aid play dough, and really, so do I--it smells so much better than the regular stuff. I am afraid I haven't gotten too much knitting done this summer. Sigh. Too busy.

    Hope your apartment hunt goes well! :)

  2. Great links! Thanks for sharing. I have yet to make my own playdoh. Maybe soon. Great progress on hubs vest. Can't wait to see it done. Wow, it's true, summer is half over. It's going by too fast.

  3. i don't even want to THINK about school.. Turns out I won't be teaching 11th grade after all.. staying in 7/8 and instrumental... fine with me!


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